Lack of Accountability, Nigeria’s Major Problem — Amosun

Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State has warned that if Nigeria is to move forward, both her leaders and followers must be honest in all their dealings.

Amosun, who spoke yesterday lamented that one of the serious problems confronting the nation now is the lack of accountability, declaring that no society can develop if its leaders and citizens lack integrity.

The governor spoke at the maiden National Convention of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAN) Forum of Political Ambassadors (IFOPA) held in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Amosun, himself a renowned Accountant stressed that society looks up to Accountants, not just as professionals but also expect them to be at the forefront of “accountability, most especially at this defining moment of economic reality in the country.”

The governor believed that if more accountants join politics, there would be accountability in governance.

The governor said “That Nigeria is endowed with good omen and natural resources is no longer news but we must ask ourselves why our nation is still grabbing with issues of underdevelopment.

“This is in the face of the fact that countries that are tagged alongside Nigeria as either underdeveloped or better still developing in the past have long removed that toga. Despite their fewer endowments, Mauritius, India is moving forward; where is Nigeria? What the countries have been able to do is to harness their resources to bring about the new concept of development.

“Lack of accountability has continued to deal a serious blow to our nation’s economic development. Cases of resource mismanagement, leakages and wastages, misappropriation of funds continue to rear their ugly heads but most of these issues would not have come up if we have been professionally doing our job as we should.”

“Professionals should now take a keen interest in the path of governance for holistic, political and professional solutions that will better the lot of the nation, we cannot afford to stand and lose,” Amosun affirmed, adding “Our roles in the process of governance cannot be overemphasised.   This is the only way we can convince the people of our genuine and capability of our professionals to lead the country.

“It is our duty as professionals to ensure that resources are prudently managed and leakages are blocked”.

In his remarks , President Of ICAN Titus Soetan stated that in the past   his members believed that politics was a game of dirty people because of the way it was being played “But over the years we have seen that when you are not there, the people who are there will do it the way they can do it so the people that have been ruling us, whether they are educated or not,   they don’t have principles, they just rule according to the dictates of their own minds and that is why we don’t achieve results”

Source: Vanguard


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