Inside Gombe Schools Where Pupils Sit On Bare Floor To Learn

By Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim

This report revealed the unconducive learning atmosphere characterized by the absence of sitting materials for pupils and to some extent teachers.

Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim paid a visit to two government nursery and primary schools located within Gombe local government area, Gombe state and documented still pictures of how pupils receive lessons.

Gombe is a state located in the North-East geopolitical region. Also, it is located in the centre of the North-East region.

This report shows that many primary school pupils sit on the bare floor to receive lessons at different schools and in different classes with many students not even having school uniforms.

Sitting on the bare floor, a common feature of public schools



This is Pantami Nursery and Primary School gate

Primary 1 I, located by the immediate right-hand side of the school gate, was captured on camera with less than eight sitting materials occupied by few pupils while the rest were sitting on bare floor to learn.

Not only that the pupils were sitting on bare floor shoulder to shoulder, but many of them also don’t have a school uniform.

As of Wednesday, January 15, 2020, the first day this reporter visited the school, even the teacher doesn’t have a desk. The reporter observed that she only has a chair where she placed her bag.


These are pupils of class 1 I sitting on the bare floor to learn

On the second day of the visit, a teacher at the same class who declined to be identified told this reporter that teaching in such a class is not easy.

“If they sit on the bare floor, it becomes very difficult to control them. They are scattered. If there are enough seats, they will be arranged seat by seat. I will know how many pupils are on each seat. This will make it easier for me to know who is absent.” she said, adding that if there are sitting materials, it will be easier for them to write.

While commenting on pupils who come to school without a uniform, she said the government pledged to provide them with uniforms.

A class 1 pupil of Pantami nursery and primary school, Mukhtar, who spoke to this reporter told him he is always sitting on bare-floor.

A similar situation was observed at primary 5C and 5D. Pupils sit on the bare floor, shoulder to shoulder to receive the lesson.

Pupils of primary 5C use desk leg rest as a seat


  When one of the Assistant Headmistresses was reached for comments on the unconducive learning atmosphere, she referred this reporter to the school’s Headmaster’s office, adding that the needed information would be gotten there.

According to the headmaster, “The information requested is official and everything official must be confidential.” He insisted that he cannot say anything unless with permission and due process must be followed.

“The criteria are simple. You just have to follow due process.” He added.

School toilets lack adequate water

This reporter observed that the two-block, dirty looking toilet don’t have water.

Hussaini told this reporter that “there is no water, except” trying to direct me to where I will find water as he rushes to class.



A toilet at Pantami nursery and primary school

This is Gabukka Nursery and Primary School


Students/pupils making their way into Gabukka Nursery and primary school

In January, this reporter also paid a visit to Gabukka Nursery and Primary School, Gombe where he also documented still pictures.

Pantami Nursery and Primary School, Gombe is not the only school affected by this seeming neglect, as Gabukka Nursery and Primary School, Gombe faced the same problem.

This class like others doesn’t have enough sitting materials to accommodate all pupils. The last option is to sit on bare-floor and receive lessons.CLASS 5 PUPILS



Pupils of class 5 sitting on the bare floor

Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim is of the Department of Mass Communication, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.


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