Journalist Presents “The Bribe” to Nigerians

Ayo Ajayi

A Journalist and Maritime expert, Mr. Ahmed Shuaib has authored and launched a book titled “The Bribe”.

The book launch, which took place on Saturday, August 12, 2017, in Lagos, was attended by dignitaries from all walks of life especially friends and colleagues from the Maritime sector and the media.

Shuaib noted that his experience in the maritime industry and the urge to contribute his quota to the fight against bribery and corruption motivated him to write the book.

“THE BRIBE”, is a fiction about a Medical Doctor who has the privilege of living his life in two distinct worlds. He played an active role in both worlds, while he was a Medical doctor in Odimboro planet; he became a politician in Nile Republic.the bribe

In Odimboro planet, everything works. The government, the people and various organs of government work harmoniously.  This brings about infrastructural development and high standard of living of the citizen. The concept of bribery and corruption was alien to both the people and their government; hence they have a good life and peaceful coexistence.

On the other hand, when this Medical doctor found himself in Nile republic where he became a politician, the story changed. All his effort to remain disciplined, honest and live with integrity which he was used to failed.

 It failed because he found himself in the midst of hawks that look like humans; it failed because living a jungle life here is not by choice but by force. And within a short period, he was incorporated into the life of bribery and corruption which was the order of the day.

 This brings about disintegration not only among the people but even the government and the outcome of this is nothing but under development, insecurity, unemployment and all other indicators of a failed state.

While the people were dying of hunger and common diseases, the ruling elites were on top of the world enjoying the wealth of the nation with their families and cronies

At the peak of this life of bribery and corruption, when the doctor and his likes taught they could eat their cake and have it, tragedy struck and the result of their atrocity was face to face before them.

Within the twinkle of an eye their ill gotten wealth turned against them, they were seeking for death that never came, they pleaded and pleaded even to those they trampled upon while in government.

Then they realized, though very late, that when you are in a position of authority serve with honesty and integrity because whatever you do, your score card awaits you in not too far a distance.

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