Landmark University Creates Awareness For Conservation, Sanitation, To Commemorate World Water Day 2024

In alignment with the theme of World Water Day 2024, “Water for Peace,” Landmark University, under the aegis of its Centre for Research, Innovation, and Discoveries, in collaboration with the SDG6 Research Group (Clean Water and Sanitation), organized a secondary school outreach event on March 27th, 2024.

The event, held at Ogbo Grammar School in Omu-Aran, aimed to educate students about the importance of water conservation, sanitation, and sustainable management practices, aligning with Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation. This initiative underscored the University’s ongoing commitment to addressing global challenges and promoting sustainable development.

While introducing the SDG6 team to the students, Dr. Adetola Oladipo provided insights into the Sustainable Development Goals and the group’s mission. She emphasized the critical role of water in achieving peace and highlighted the significance of World Water Day 2024’s theme.

Following the introduction was the presentation of Engr. Dr Olugbenga Elemile which focused on water quality and health. In his presentation, he emphasized the human body’s dependence on water for various physiological functions and discussed the importance of clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and sanitation. Engr. Dr. Elemile elaborated on the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of water quality, highlighting factors influencing it and strategies for safeguarding it.

He also raised awareness about the importance of personal hygiene, particularly emphasizing handwashing, and advocated for community involvement in promoting good hygiene practices and water conservation.

He then underscored the importance of understanding factors affecting water quality, adopting preventive measures, and fostering community engagement to ensure public health and secure access to clean water for future generations.

The presentation was followed by an interactive session where students engaged with the team and received water bottles as rewards for correct responses. As part of the commemoration, Landmark University’s team donated sanitation materials and packs of Landmark branded bottled water to Ogbo Grammar School, Omu-Aran, reinforcing their commitment to promoting water conservation, sanitation, and sustainable management practices.

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