Sales of National Common Entrance Examination Forms Closes April 8

In case you are not aware, the sales of the form of the National Common Entrance Examination, NCEE into JSS 1 of Federal Government Unity Colleges/Federal Science and Technical Colleges for 2019/2020 has commenced since March 5 and closes on Monday, April 8, 2019.

The examination will be held throughout the country and other interested foreign countries on Saturday, April 13, 2019.

Only Final year pupils of Primary Schools, who shall NOT be less than 10 years or more than 13 years by September 2019 are eligible for the examination.

The New NCEE Portal can be used to register multiple pupils for the exam, manage multiple pupil information, and check their results.

There will be no more sales of Registration Cards or Scratch Cards as Registration and Purchase of Registration Quota is Strictly Online.

The examination will consist of the following:


Part A – Mathematics and General Science

Part B – English and Social Studies


Part A – Quantitative and Vocational Aptitude

Part B – Verbal Aptitude

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