Yaba Art Museum, Ford Foundation Holds ‘Yaba Cartoon Nation’

By Joe Ejiofor

The Yaba Art Museum funded by Ford Foundation will tomorrow hold yet another event titled, “Yaba Cartoon Nation”.

The event will feature works of alumni cartoonists which will highlight the sector as a tool and an advocate of social justice issues. It will highlight the role of cartoons in making demands of the state for responsibility on critical issues.

The presentation will create spaces of interaction with learners and audiences alike for both critical discourse and creative development in social justice content.

This is perhaps the first academic museum presentation of this genre in Nigeria and its social justice connections.

It should be recalled that three researchers from Yaba College of Technology namely Dr Adeleke Abiodun, Dr Funmilayo Doherty and Dr Odun Orimolade won a Ford Foundation grant

The research grant was used for the development of an institutional policy on sexual harassment and gender-based violence in the college and for the setting up of the Yaba Art Museum in the college.

The Yaba Art Museum was recently recognized and listed as one of the Lagos State Tourism sites. The funding by Ford Foundation will support further art exhibition presentations as they relate to issues of advocacy for youth development and sexual harassment and gender-based violence. This is in addition to other planned activities.

Before now, the museum has hosted an active presentation of the life and work of Nike Okundaye whose life and practice are tailored towards youth development and gender-based violence and sexual harassment. The event titled ‘The Living Blue’

Joe Ejiofor is a Deputy Registrar and the Head of Public Relations, YabaTech, Lagos.

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