10 Reasons Why You Must Read the Book “101 Golden Tips: Making Your Day Count” by Charles Awodu

Ayo Ajayi

Time is the only ‘currency’ equally distributed among men worldwide. Man’s success or failure in life largely depends on how his time was either spent or invested. In this book, Charles presents daily nuggets on how to maximise the time and make the day count.

Listed below are 10 reasons you must read the book:

  1. You will have the mindset to succeed
  2. It will inspire you
  3. You will learn how to invest in life
  4. You will learn Leadership and Management skills
  5. It will teach you how to avoid procrastination
  6. It shows you a spiritual compass to navigate in life
  7. It will help you make daily adjustments
  8. You will learn how to be creative
  9. It will place you on the path of dominion
  10. It is a daily tool to make a substantial gain in life

    The Author, Charles Awodu
    The Author, Charles Awodu

The Author, Charles Awodu is the President of World Leadership and Inspirational Foundation and Word of Light International. He is an insightful & internationally sought-after Leadership coach, teacher, and speaker in companies, churches, and social events. He hosts the program, ‘Lighting the Minds Hour’ in Massachusetts. He holds a Master of International Business Management degree and is currently pursuing post-graduate studies in Leadership at a leading university. He is a team member of the John Maxwell International Leadership Organization.

He is married to Olusola Awodu, a woman who has a deep passion for inspiring, teaching, and training children, and they are both blessed with four children—Peculiar, Excel, Wisdom, and Dominion.

The Book

First Edition: November 2018
101 Golden Tips / Charles Awodu
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-946453-49-5
eBook ISBN: 978-1-946453-50-1


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