30 Beautiful Quotes From Mike Murdock’s Dream Seeds

By Similoluwa Babafemi

Many of us have desires that we need to nurture. Below are beautiful quotes that will help us accomplish our goals in life. Enjoy!

  1. “Dream seeds are the invisible visions within you planted by God – not a carnal creation of an unholy imagination”.
  2. “God begins every miracle in your life with a seed –picture. The invisible idea that gives birth to visible blessing”.
  3. “Our dreams and desires begin as photographs within our hearts and minds – things we want to happen in our future. God plants these pictures as invisible seeds within us”.

4.“Sometimes adversity will tempt you to lower a high standard of faith and change what you have been believing. This can paralyze the pursuit of your God-given dream”.

5.“ Your misfortune is always temporary. It is only for a season. Pain passes. Principles are permanent. The word of God is settled forever”.

  1. “ If Satan can blur or blot out your dream seed –that invisible photographs of the desired miracle-he will destroy you and God’s dream in you will die”.
  2. “But one nagging thought persisted: my dream seed. I could not shake my calling. I really can’t explain it. Even as I write these words I am overwhelmed with the memories of those emotions. I just saw myself reaching out to brokenhearted, hurting people who were just like me. Bruised. Fragmented. Who desperately needed mending and reassurance of their worth. Somehow, I knew that this ministry would be needed. Needed by those whose hearts had been torn and dreams ripped apart”.
  3. “What is your dream seed today? What miracle picture has God planted within your heart? What desired blessing dominates your mind? If you truly respect it, it will inevitably come toward you”.
  4. “Your dream seed must be something you truly desire”.
  5. “Men rarely reach what they need, but they will always reach what they really want”.
  6. “It was a desire that inspired the Wright brothers to fly. It was a desire that motivated Thomas Edison to persist through 10,000 experiments that failed before perfecting the incandescent light bulb”.
  7. “But Henry Ford possessed the determination and desire to succeed. He pressed them to continue. And suddenly it happened. The secret was discovered, and the famous V-8 motor became a reality. Ford’s unwavering desire revolutionized the automobile industry”.
  8. “You see, what I am willing to invest my time and money towards reveals what I really want”.
  9. “Disregard unkind words of critics. Do not dignify their slander by repeating it. Criticism is usually the death gargle of a non-achiever anyway”.
  10. “Dare to reach for the companionship of great thinkers. Invest in their books. Listen to their teaching cassettes. Absorb their spirit and victorious attitudes that have driven them to great achievement”.DREAM SEEDS
  11. “One of the most important things I have ever learned is to give total attention to one thing at a time. Many people allow their creativity to scatter their attention. Their abilities become lost through misfocus”.
  12. “And, as harsh as it may seem, you must learn to dismiss from your presence those people who distract you from a God-inspired goal. Remember, your dream seed deserves your undivided attention”.
  13. “The third key that unlocks the incredible potential of your dream seed is your imagination”.
  14. “Joseph, in Genesis, received a dream seed from God. He chose to believe it and saw himself destined for the throne. His brothers hated him for it, and planted seeds of confusion, hatred and jealousy into his life”.
  15. “Your dream seed must be something you respect enough to pursue”.
  16. “An obvious trait of achievers is the routine practice of goal-setting. Writing down their goals have become part of their lifestyle. In fact, many of them actually sit down and make a detailed list of their exact dream and a step-by-step plan of how they intend to accomplish them.
  17. “Great things always happen to those who persist. Winners are people who are willing to try one more time”.
  18. “God doesn’t promote you according to your age. He doesn’t promote you according to your I.Q. Nor does He promote you according to your abilities. God promotes and rewards you according to your progressive acts of obedience”.
  19. “Faith is that invisible confidence that something exists other than what you presently see. It is that internal belief system planted by God in every human being. Faith is the ability to believe”.
  20. “God is impressed when you use the faith He has already given you”.
  21. “We rarely reach for the things we really need but always for those things we truly desire”.
  22. “The real truth is that people are harder to please than God! Subconsciously, each of us attempts to please those around us. It is impossible. Therein is the weariness of life”.
  23. “Feel Jesus, think Jesus, talk about Jesus! Don’t hesitate to pray for someone on the street or in a restaurant. The whole world is your turf. Dominate it”.
  24. Learn to meditate alone. God will not scream his instructions. Your ability to hear is his gift to you. Your ability to listen is your gift to him”.
  25. “Seed faith is when you plant your seed with the expectation of a specific harvest. It is your seed –planted in faith for specific result or miracle”.

Dr.Mike Murdock is an American televangelist, author and pastor of Wisdom Center ministry based in Haltom City, Texas.

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