6 Things to Know about the Education Freedom Scholarships

This proposal would empower students and families to choose the best educational setting for them – regardless of where they live, how much they make, and how they learn.

Here are 6 things you should know about Education Freedom Scholarships:

1.) This proposal would drive a historic voluntary investment in America’s students and our future.

2.) States could choose creative and unique approaches to giving students access to the right education for them.

3.) The proposal would most benefit our vulnerable students, who would finally have opportunities to pursue the best education for them in ways rich, powerful, and connected families always have.

4.) The scholarships are 100% privately funded by donations and do not take one cent from local public school students or public school teachers.

5.) Education Freedom Scholarships will empower states to expand families’ access to all educational opportunities. That can include private schools, but states aren’t required to include any specific educational setting.

6.) The proposal respects that each student is unique and deserves a personalized education experience. Scholarships can help students access a variety of opportunities, including career and technical education, apprenticeships, dual enrollment, special education services, advanced or elective courses not available in their assigned school buildings, transportation to out-of-zone education providers, among others.

To learn more, visit the Education Freedom Scholarships website.

Source: Home Room

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