Don Recommends Quality Nutrition To Curb Insecurity

Professor Afolabi

By Ayo Ajayi

A professor of Nutritional Biochemistry and Phytomedicine, Israel Afolabi has suggested the provision of adequate food and nutrition to fight insecurity both at national and international levels, rather than the use of guns.

Afolabi of the Department of Biochemistry at Covenant University suggested in his lecture at the 31st Inaugural Lecture of the University penultimate Friday.

The lecturer spoke on, “Setting the Huddle for Glorification: The Cross-Coded Structural Pathways to Spring up Nutrients in Foods for Sustained Commonwealth.”

Afolabi expressed belief that the level of crime would be reduced if the community was given adequate diet and nutrients, especially, at the childhood level.

“I encourage the government to look towards providing adequate for everyone in the community. The benefit is that it turns radical people into manageable people.

“Food makes people happy. If you starve a child food, especially at a young age, there is a high tendency that he will be violent when he grows up, because it has been proven that good nutrition leads to low crime.

“So, when we feed them well (with the right nutrition) at a young age, we will have healthy grown-up people. Their intelligence will be affected, which will in turn affect their conduct in society. So, rather than using the gun, use food and good nutrients,” he explained.

Afolabi also called for a technological drive for national development, noting that Nigeria was not doing well in that area.

“Nigerian government should encourage researchers with funds. They should pump money into notable inventions and scale them up to the industrial level. The government should give tax incentives to any industry that takes up our locally innovated technology and promotes it,” he advised.

In his remark, the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Abiodun Adebayo corroborated the lecturer noting that it was high time the government looked inward to make food available to everyone in Nigeria.

“As the saying goes, ‘A hungry man is an angry man’, the government must ensure that food is available because when you’re full, you are not thinking of any violence,” he noted.

He promised that the University would keep striving hard to ensure it promotes research efforts that would advance food security.

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