AAPoly Student Set To Unveil Photography Brand

Stephen Adigwu

Arinze Adophy, an HND 1 Level student in the Department of Mass Communication, Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic is set to launch a new photography brand which would be the first of its kind in the institution.

Arinze says the brand- 9pixelz, would be cherished in Ogun State and its environs due to his nature of photography. He stated that this initiative would help curb unimportant activities among the students and youths.

In an interview with our correspondent, Arinze said that Photography can transform students’ perspective and foster hope in their lives and that he is set to create.

His mission, according to him, was to make the photography agency an outstanding one, adding that most 21st Century children are in love with creativity.

“9pixelz is a photography agency where we just don’t believe in snapping pictures for snapping sake, we have the culture of delivering beautiful and quality pictures to our clients. We believe that when we take a picture, we have successfully saved a precious moment. We also love the beauty that nature holds, so we want to show this beauty and its meaning to the world through photography,” he said.

He added, “More so, it cannot be overemphasized that most 21st Century generation children have forgotten or don’t even know those things that their ancestors cherished and worshipped during their lifetime. 9pixelz has seen this and as one of our aims, is to bring these things back to our memories with time through pictures.”

Arinze,  a pioneer president of the Union of Campus Journalist (UCJ), Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic believes with this photography brand, the student will add more knowledge to their field of study.

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