Abuse: School Proprietors Task Parents On Close Monitoring Of Children

Private School proprietors in Bwari Area Council of the FCT, have tasked parents on close and effective monitoring of their children and wards, to curb increasing child-abuse.

The proprietors spoke in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), on Friday in Bwari, Abuja, while celebrating the 2022 Children’s Day.

Ms Roseline Yuhe, proprietor, Berries World School, said that parents, as well as educators, must work together to safeguard and protect children of all ages, as they progressed from one level to the next.

“Children always look forward to this special day because it gives them a sense of belonging in the society.

“However, at this point, parents and educators must work together to help them achieve their life goals.

“Safeguarding and protecting these children at all cost, must be topmost priority in every school and for every parent.

“Too often, children are abused by known and trusted relatives or close acquaintances, which is why parents must not leave their child or children in care of relatives without monitoring or close supervision.

“You must give full attention to these children; engage in conversations with them no matter how busy you are.

“Watch out for changes in their behaviours, get involved and work in partnership with your children’s school, follow up on their development.

“Endeavour to show geniune care and concerns for their well-being and do not forget to watch out for the kind of friends they keep.”

Yuhe also urged government at all levels, organisations as well as civil society groups, to also get involved by taking up the incessant cases of child abuse and violence against children more seriously.

Perpetrators, she added, must be punished without delay and compromise of the law once found culpable, as this would ensure the menace was curbed.

She added that proper counseling of victims should be encouraged so they could move on and achieve their life goals, while also cautioning against stigmatisation of victims.

Similarly, Mrs Clementina Onyemakonor, proprietor, New Ideas Montessori Academy, said that parents must not leave their duties for teachers in the schools alone, but must collaborate with them to make it work.

According to Onyemakonor, most children who unfortunately fall prey to random abusers, are either neglected, left in the care of pedophiles, are victims of internet predators and many others.

She said: “Use of phones and access to the internet is one of the dangers associated with our children, and we must discourage giving them these gadgets at tender ages.

“Watch and guide them against peer pressure and bad influences. Be friends with your child; the bond will allow them confide in you about their deepest concerns and secrets.

“Do not over pamper them with money because you are privileged to have it. Provide for their basic needs, but discipline them where necessary so they do not misbehave because their parents are wealthy.”

Onyemakonor also urged mothers, especially career women, to make out time for their children, listen to them and show care as this was the obligation of every parent.


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