Adekunle Ajasin Male Students Accuses Management of Segregation

Prof. Igbekele Ajibefun, VC, AAUA

By Charles Adedoyin and Roland Bayode

Residents of the Male Hall of Residence in  Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko (AAUA) have expressed their displeasure towards the school management for denying them hall of residence on campus.

This was made known while speaking to our Correspondent, stating that the newly built hostel located in the school campus should be allocated to the male.

The male hostel is located along the Akungba-Ikare road which is some metres away from the school premises. Unlike the two female halls of residence which are located within the school premises.

The male residents were hoping that the new hostel which has just been built inside the school compound opposite the university health centre be given to them.

Some of them who spoke complained of distance, as well as security of the male hostel outside the school and they, should be compensated by allocating the newly built hostel to them.

A resident of the male hostel, Senator Bello Moses disclosed that there are speculations that the management will give the newly built hostel to the female students with the claim that the male cannot maintain the building.

 “Last semester, we were happy that we are moving to the school but to my greatest surprise I heard that the new hostel has been given to the females due to the fact that the management claimed that we cannot maintain it,” he complained.

Senator Bello revealed that they face a series of challenges as a result of being segregated from the school.

He said: “The university is in Akungba and the male hostel is situated along Akungba-Ikare road, students do take the risk every day by boarding unknown cars that can lead to kidnapping. We are being segregated as if we are not part of the school.”

“Even right from the time the SUG excos were inaugurated, they have not come to us for once to check on us.”

“At night, some will have a severe fever and need to be rushed to the health centre. This would have been easier if the male hostel was on campus.”

He further pleaded with the management to consider the male students in the hostel and be brought closer to the school premises.

In the same vein, the president of the male hostel, Kekere Daniel also expressed his displeasure.

He complained saying “They are trying to push us away from the university, they don’t give us full support.”

“I could remember when we were struggling for the new hostel on campus, in the end, it was given to the female and whereas there are two female hostels inside the school already.”

The president complained about the security of the male hostel and the environmental condition.

“Security issues have been a major challenge as you can see bushes. We have tried to complain to the management to help us with the grasses they have been telling us they will come which has been the story since.”

” Recently, someone killed a scorpion in his room, if the university has our time and also come to fumigate the rooms and environment, such a thing would not have happened,” the president added.

While reacting, the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Olusegun Owolewa said that the management is yet to decide who the newly built hostel belongs to.

The Dean opposed the view of the male hostel residents revealing that the management will announce the owner of the newly built hall of residence.

 “Nobody has told them that a particular hostel belongs to anybody. Nobody is staying there so when the time comes we will know who will occupy the new hostel,” Dean said.

Replying to the allegations of the overgrown bushes, Dr Owolewa said: “We have asked the Works to handle that.”

“In fact, when the time comes, nobody will be living there again. All the boys will be on campus that is the plan of the management,” Dean added.

He highlighted that the management plan is to will convert the present male hall of residence to part-time study centre after relocating the students to a new hostel.


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