Adekunle Ajasin Varsity Introduces Students’ Empowerment Scheme

By: Roland Bayode, Deborah Omoare and Racheal Daramola

The management of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, has devised plans to alleviate economic hardship on her students.

This was made known to our correspondent during an interview with the head of the counselling unit Mr Mapayi Victor.

According to him, a scholarship programme has been organized with the target of benefiting the physically challenged students, whose CGPA are above 4 points (merit-based) and also for the indigenous students.

“The first category is for the physically challenged students while the second category is based on merit, as students who are on 4 points above or the best student from each department while the third category is for the indigent students. These are the categories we work with presently, also those who are not buoyant to pay their institution fees and do not fall under any of the mentioned categories can also request for loans which have also been programmed by the school management”.

He stipulated the fact that the most vital step to take in any of the mentioned categories is to fill a form online by visiting the website.

“There is a website where you visit to fill the form and after filling, you print it out. Students can also visit the site to get information and scholarships offered by the school. What is more important in any category is filling of the form online.”

Furthermore, he made our correspondents realised that there is a committee set up that oversees the scholarship programme in which the chairman of the committee is Dr. Ikuomola.

“You submit your form to Dr. Ikuomola, whose office is at the school’s Senate building, the third floor to be precise, and a copy will also be given to me as the secretary of the committee in charge of scholarship and loans.  The organization will also conduct screening before giving such student scholarship or loan”, he added.

He berated students’ impatience in reading notice boards whenever information of any scholarship scheme which is a rare opportunity is being passed across.

 “Whenever organisations want to give out scholarships like MTN and others, we pass this information across to students, but it is so unfortunate that students do not read notice boards and that is one of the problems we have.”

He urged the students to pay attention to highlights and information on notice boards.

More so, the Alumni Association of Adekunle Ajasin recently launched an Education Trust Fund (ETF) scheme which aims to provide scholarship for the less- privilege of the institution which majority of the students are not aware of…

Mr. Mapayi added, “There is enough publicity for such information. The information is being passed to the Deans of each Faculty and then paste on the notice boards. Many times, we put that information on highlights for students to see and take notice of the information which they need.”

The link to the site is well written at the front door in the counselling unit but students don’t pay attention to what is important.

“The only thing that interest most students is night clubs and discos, which shouldn’t be. Many programmes that have to do with their futures, they will not attend and those things that have to do with their lives, they will not pay attention to them”.

 For students’ support loans and scholarship; visit the university website:

Roland Bayode is a 300 Level Mass Communication student of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State


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