Appreciation by Prof AAA. Atayero

My appreciation goes first and foremost to God Almighty, the giver of Light who is in the habit of qualifying the called, even when the called is evidently not qualified. I thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, The Light Himself, for His abundance of Grace with which He has so copiously cocooned me all the days of my life most especially since I answered that altar call 20 years ago and specifically in the last four years on this Kingdom assignment.

Our Chancellor and Chairman of the Board of regents, Dr. David O. Oyedepo, I am very grateful for the privilege given unto me to serve in this capacity. Thank you, Sir, for the many sessions of dropping wisdom nuggets into my mind and soul.  The VP (Education), Pst. (Mrs). Faith Oyedepo, the first VP LFCWW and Regent, Bishop David Abioye, the Secretary of the Board, Barrister Chioma Okwuanyi and all our Esteemed Regents, thank you for your prayers and support I constantly enjoyed over the last four years. I am eternally grateful.

My very amiable Deputy Vice-Chancellors – Professor Shalom N. Chinedu and Professor Akan B. Williams, my appreciation knows no bound for the very selfless way you performed your duties often going the extra mile. Thank you both for your support and the prodigious goodwill you demonstrated towards me. May the good Lord reward you with men of valor to assist you in all your kingdom assignments.

From the substantive Registrar that received me into Management – Pastor Olamide Olusegun to the one I am leaving in Management – Pastor Olusegun Omidiora, and the three acting Registrars in between (Mrs. Mary Aboyade, Dr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo, and my amiable friend, Dr. Lanre Amodu), I say a very big thank you for  holding  my  hand in our  Father’s business.  My sincere appreciation goes to all members of management (present and past) with whom I have been privileged to serve since 2016 and at all levels. Thank you all for your labour of love in the Father’s vineyard.

My appreciation will be incomplete if I fail to acknowledge every member of Faculty and Staff that are constantly in the field of service, making sure no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of the Vision. I doff my cap to you all. May you be richly rewarded.

My profound appreciation likewise goes to all the Kings and Queens in Hebron as well as the Alumni for making my tenure a most rewarding one, full of testimonies of your fruitful engagements even as continue to make us proud both at home and abroad. May the good Lord continue to keep and guide you in all you lay your hands to perform.

Finally, it has become evident that indeed, Vision 10:2022 (1-of-10-in-10) is a Prophetic verdict. Even as the doer has begun to cut it short in righteousness by performing His strange acts and doing His strange works in His own citadel. The progress we have witnessed as an Institution in the past four years is so remarkable that even fools cannot doubt the proofs! This has been so marvellous, that it can only be the doing of The Lord.

Thank you, Jesus!


Prof. AAA. Atayero

{5th Covenant Vice-Chancellor}

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