ASUU to Ambode: Save LASU Before it Collapses

Gov. Ambode

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has called on Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, who is the Visitor to the Lagos State University (LASU), to save the institution from imminent collapse by calling on the Vice Chancellor, Prof Olanrewaju Fagbohun to comply with the laws governing the institution.

The union alleged that Fagbohun was aiding corruption by frustrating attempts to probe the alleged mismanagement of N1.3 billion NEEDS Assessment Fund (2013) allocation to the university under the immediate past administration.

The union’s Coordinator, Lagos Zone, Prof. Olusiji Sowande, who addressed reporters in LASU on Tuesday, urged the government to implement the Universities Miscellaneous Provisions Act, which the union signed with the Federal Government in 2009.

At present, the unions said the Universities Miscellaneous (Provisions Act] 2009 as amended in 2012 and last year, in and known as LASU Law, allows members in the professorial cadre to retire at 70, recommends a single tenure of five years for vice chancellors. The union is, however, worried that the part that affects other top principals in the university were excluded. The union said it suspected management’s plan of renewing the appointments of top principals since that aspect had not yet been amended

‘’The (Universities Miscellaneous) law stipulates that the Registrar, Bursar and Librarian shall have a single term of five years; yet LASU continues to run a renewable tenure which is no doubt a potential flashpoint likely to heat up the polity sooner than later as other principal officers of the university conclude their tenure in May 2018,’’ ASUU said.

Fagbohun also accused of refusing to appoint a Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration), 18 months since he assumed duties in flagrant disregard of the LASU Law 2014 in Schedule 1 (Section 4{1).

‘’Professor Fagbohun has taken the quest for totalitarian powers to such a height that his decision of the Governing Council are now implemented in breach: One case is the decision of Council on the new conditions and scheme of service for Junior and Senior members of staff adopted since Thursday, October 20, 2006 at its 112th statutory meeting where it stated that the university administration should do the final editorial work within three week; but the question is: ‘are the three weeks still ongoing since October 2016 till date?’’’

In his response, however, management described the union’s allegations as untrue.

The university’s Acting Head Information Unit Martin Adekoya said the administration had been most complaint with Council’s directive since it came on board in January, last year.

“Let me tell you that those allegations are not true,” Adekoya told our reporter on the phone on Tuesday.

He continued: “When Council gives a directive to management, do not forget that management will still have to delegate that responsibility, perhaps through committees or some organs that will report back to it. In the end, management will still report to the Council on what it has done about the directive so far.

“Let me also say some of the academic staff are part of the Council. So, if management failed to comply with a directive, what have those members done at the level of the Council to ensure the management complies?

“On the five-year single term for other principal officers, let me say categorically that there is no official paper or document backing that for now.

“I remember that during the immediate past administration, ASUU lobbied its way to the Lagos State House of Assembly to agitate for one single term of five years for vice chancellor which was eventually approved by the governor. If they (ASUU) want same for other principals, they should return to the House of Assembly, which has the statutory right to grant their request by amending that aspect of LASU Law; and until that is done, those serving in that capacities now are still eligible to contest.”

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