Bamidele Daniel, a Remarkable Youth, Committed to Improving Standard of Living of Others

Daniel Bamidele, addressing the participants at the UN Youths Assembly Conference, February 2019

By: Ayo Ajayi

On February 13, 2019, Bamidele Daniel Ayobami, a remarkable student of Covenant University joined over 1000 youths at a United Nations Youth Assembly Conference in New York City, USA. Bamidele is the co-founder of Gleam Foundation, a charity, Non-Governmental Organization, which seeks to help improve the standard of living of the less privilege through empowerment, skills acquisition and education. He shared his experiences and the impacts of the UN Conference with Edutorial. Excerpt:

How did you get invited to the UN?

It was a United Nations Youth Assembly Conference that I applied for sometimes late last year (2018), they rolled out applications for youths all over the world who were doing something and causing a change in their countries in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. After the application processes, I applied for the Impact Challenge; this was just an initiative of the Youth Assembly that gives room for people to give the idea and plans on how to actualise the sustainable development goals.

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The conference basically centred on building strong, young and vibrant leaders that have the capacity and knowledge to cause a positive change in their society. The event was in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  The Youth Assembly was attended by over 1000 youths from 94 countries of the world.

The conference was indeed a success and an unforgettable experience. It held for four days, we had workshop sessions that were designed to carefully guide youths on how to convert their thoughts and ideas into action. We also had deliberations and attended Opportunity Fair where a large number of organizations and companies were in attendance. These were to network with youths, recruit and also guide them. We also had the Impact Challenge, where the ideas of youths around the world were sponsored in line with sustainable development goals.

We had the opportunity to meet Permanent Representatives of different countries to the UN; we connected with them and learnt about their countries and the part they play in the UN and so on.

Daniel at the UN Headquarters in new York, USA
Daniel at the UN Headquarters in New York, USA

What are the highlights of the event?

Most important of all is that I got the chance to connect to brilliant minds all around the world; I was able to share my ideas and also listen to many awesome ideas. I saw a better view on key issues, this really broadens my mind and capacity to do more.

I gave an amazing presentation at New York University. This was a big one for me, because I got the opportunity to speak, share my ideas and voice out my opinions in front of Key persons like the Assistant Secretary General of the UN, Director of African Diaspora and Renaissance, President of the Friendship Ambassador Foundation and many more, All glory to God for this. Through this speech, I got the opportunity to network and share opinions and ideas personally with the guests mentioned above.

Other highlights were the opportunity to apply for United Nations Internship, Impact facilitator and Youth Assembly Ambassador. I was also nominated to attend the African Union Summit that would be held in September 2019.

I went on a tour of New York City and also New York University where I learnt a lot and got a lot of ideas that can be implemented in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Lastly, I had the amazing opportunity to represent my school; Covenant University.

In addition to these, I would recommend and suggest that more students of Covenant University should be encouraged, allowed and even sponsored to participate in events like this; it would definitely give the school an edge.

What are the Implications of the conference on your Foundation?
This opportunity to be with over 1000 youths from 96 countries has been of tremendous benefit.  I had the opportunity to network with different people and youth from different places with diverse perspectives.
The conference has given me ideas and broadens my scope on what is required of me as a passionate young man that is set to cause a change in this part of the world.  The Networks I got in that conference sticks with me even up till now.
This conference has also granted me the opportunity to do more in the sense that I am aware of every open slots and opportunity that are waiting to be explored.


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