Beulah World Brings Medical, Food Relief to Onibukun Community

A faith-based, non-profit and non-governmental organization, Beulah World Initiative (BWI) recently held her monthly free Medical/Food Outreach for the month of  November  at Onibukun, in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

The Outreach attracted many beneficiaries and the services featured: Vital Signs, Medical Consultations, Blood Tests, Eye Checks, Eye Treatment and Glasses, Nutrition Talk/Counseling and Food Items.

Speaking during the outreach, the Founder and Coordinator, Chichi Ononiwu, advised participants to keep their focus on God in order to overcome the current economic situation in the country.

She encouraged them to explore alternative sources of protein for their family’s upkeep, especially for those who have to cater for little children.

Ms. Ononiwu explained that life is a personal experience and everyone must endeavor not to let the society and trends determine what they do, especially when it comes to economic sustenance.

She advised them not to be involved in unhealthy competition in lifestyle which has rendered so many people imbalanced, and wrecked so many young people, leading them into money rituals, robbery and prostitution. 

She encouraged parents to be inquisitive and concerned about the lifestyle of their children and to ask questions when they notice strange and sudden inflow of money from their kids who they know are not working or doing any visible business. She insisted that children should not be given the responsibility of catering for adults, if not; adults would give up the right to correct and discipline them when they are going astray.

She admonished parents to endeavor to do their best for their children and provide them with strong moral foundation, amongst other virtues and skills, on which they can build their future.

Ms. Ononiwu reiterated the mission of BWI, to advance the quality of life of rural and sub-urban communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, with the improvement of health, the support of education and leadership development.

Making a remark at the event, one of the Medical Officials at the event, Pastor Joseph Aliwo, advised participants to mind their diet, especially when it comes to the intake of salt and simple sugars as those can spike certain diseases and illnesses in the body.

He listed out foods like vegetables, legumes, fruits and whole cereals which he said would enhance digestion, provide the body with much needed vitamins and keep away ravaging diseases from the body.

The participants were very overwhelmed with what they described as a miracle; being treated without paying a dime, as most them said they had been sick and suffering different discomforts and could not go to the hospital because of lack of funds.

Many got their eyes checked, were given glasses and were joyful to be able read again and see better.

A good number of widows and the elderly received groceries which they were very thankful for as many of them confessed that they had nothing to cook for their kids at home.

They all left the venue in high spirits, while praying for the organization for God’s provision and also for the organization to keep growing and expanding.

A lot of Children were also clacked and treated for fever, cough, and other conditions.

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