Book Review: A Compendium of Maritime Career Presentations for Secondary School Teens

The book, A Compendium of Maritime Career Presentations for Secondary School Teens is divided into three sections and each section comprise seven essays.

The first section is Career Opportunities in Maritime Sector.

The Second is the Celebration of African Oceans and Seas (Importance, challenges and the way forward).

The third section is the Mentorship Programme for the Girl-Child.

Each section is thorough in its focus and all careers are looked at. Girls are underrepresented and are particularly encouraged to pursue a career in the sector.

Part two of the compendium deals with the protection and sustenance of our seas, of particular importance in this era of climatic change. It looked at the importance of the ocean from various point of view and the problems the ocean face.

The chapter on the blue economy is well illustrated with maps and diagrams which make the subject matter easy to understand and this is the general feature of the book. There is a question posed in one of the essays, ‘What will happen if the oceans disappear? Among other things, the land will fry; it will be the end of life. Therefore, the need to look after our oceans.

Part three concerns the mentorship programme for the girl-child. This is a compilation of the series of zoom meetings held free of charge for the gild-child. The compendium closes with a gallery of beautiful pictures taken at past events organized by the Ocean Ambassadors Foundation. This book is a must-have for secondary schools and young adults interested in having a career in the maritime industry. Every school library and home should have one.

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