Buhari And ASUU: Mind Games Or Ignorance?

The President sent Shockwaves throughout the nation earlier in the week about his ignorance on the ongoing ASUU strike

By Phillips Ojumoola

Last week, President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) proceeded on a weeklong Salah break to his home town in Daura, Katsina State. Within these few days away from the seat of power, a lot of revelations have unfolded from the words of PMB, especially concerning the ongoing ASUU strike. On June 15, I wrote a piece on this same platform condemning him for not mentioning the ASUU strike crisis in his Democracy Day broadcast, but it appears the President is not too concerned about the plight of millions of university students who have been forced to sit at home for good months.

On Sunday evening, the whole nation was shocked when PMB said he was not aware that ASUU was still on strike. This is as shameful as it can be that the president of the greatest Black Country on earth with a teeming population which is dominated by students does not know this? Even if the President does not know, what is the duties of the federal ministers of education and labour to brief him on the latest happenings in their sectors? Or should we agree that the president is forgetful?

Make no mistake, PMB might be aware of the ongoing ASUU strike. The only reason he would feign ignorance is to distract the members of the public to hide his administration’s failure to resolve the lingering crisis.

Another bombshell that sent the media platforms into a frenzy was the directive that ASUU should resume immediately, knowing fully the fallout between the federal government and ASUU at the negotiation table. Should we say PMB is unaware of these uncalculated utterances or they’re just gimmicks to exonerate himself?

As if these are not enough, Buhari proudly boasted that he has successfully educated all his children to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. How on earth will a father figure for the whole country make such a depressing statement in an unpleasant time like this? The most painful part of the statement is that all his children bagged their degrees outside the shores of the country where there are no hitches in their academic sessions.

It is safe to say that the President is either not aware of the details of the ongoing ASUU strike which is shameful or he has chosen to feign ignorance about the whole issue altogether. Considering his administration is fast coming to a close, the lingering industrial face-off between the federal government and ASUU might add to the damage already done by his administration.

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