Corona Virus: Students Bemoan Negative Effect

By Roland Bayode and Deborah Omoare

  It is no longer news as coronavirus seems to be a global attack and Nigerians are not left out in the pandemic. Coronavirus has put fear in the minds of the people in the country. Nigerians are no longer free to go out and perform their daily activities as almost everyone is faced with a total lockup.

Coronavirus is an oddity that has affected over twenty countries in the world economically, socially, psychologically and emotionally including Nigeria. Regrettably, its remedy and cure are yet to be fathomed.

Many measures have been put in place to further control and prevent the spread of this deadly virus, airports were shut to restrain international flights, various departments, states in the country suspended interstate relations and transportation.

Also, schools, religious gatherings and markets are not exempted in order to keep up with the preventive measures.

COVID-19 is gradually getting at its peak as cases of infected person increases rapidly in Nigeria every day despite obeying the social distance order.

Nigerian students hope that COVID-19 will end soon as it is hard for them to cope.

With the increase in the number of index cases, many have poured out their minds and provide possible solutions to help curb and bring an end to the deadly virus.

In an interview with Preacher Adeleke, a 300 level student of the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, FUNAAB, in Mathematics department, has stated that “Corona Virus is dangerous and deadly, but my own view about it is that it does not automatically mean death. We have had some people that have contacted the virus for the past 3-4 weeks and are not dead up till now, so I believe the fear of the virus could be more dangerous than the virus itself. If we can take precautions and obey the instructions given, then I believe we are on the right path to stop the increase of the virus.”

The report has it that our leaders could no longer travel out again for medical checkups and treatment because of the outbreak of Coronavirus.

The question on ground is that has Nigeria been united as a country as a result of this?

 In reaction to the question, Preacher said, “I don’t think that is unity, because we are still not at peace in our various homes. It has not really united us in any way.”

Adesola Ikulajolu, a final year student of Mass Communication department in Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba (AAUA) was of the opinion that COVID19 is a global outbreak and it really does affect him and every other student.

According to him, “the painful aspect of it is the ‘Stay At Home’ instruction and it is glaring that it is to allow government control the menace. However, this will give students setbacks in their academics. Even the number of months to be spent at home is not known to anyone yet.

Fasilat Rauf, a 500 level Law student from the University of Ibadan added that “Our leaders should further the course of true leadership. Little money is usually allocated to the health sector, when all these go down, they should endeavour to restructure and do the needful to our medical house rather than having their head at home and anus abroad.”

The king of all University as some call it, Obafemii Awolowo University students are not left out in the matter arising…

Miracle Olajuyigbe, a 300l Medicine and Surgery student of the school explained that Nigeria, at this very moment is not delighted. He said, “This is not in any way the best definition of unity, our leaders probably by now must learn to invest more in the country (particularly the health sector) rather than going outside the country. He added,  “leadership must be seen as an avenue to serve the masses and not to enrich the pocket as this has taught almost everyone that Nigeria is our home and it must not be neglected at any time.”

Babatunde Balogun, a 300 level student of philosophy UI says the virus at first looks flimsy to him as he is not pleased with the house arrest order, what if some people depend on their daily income? he opined that there should be a provision of what people will feed on or before the isolation order takes charge.

He added, “Abnormal problem requires abnormal solution.. what matters now is how to restrain the virus, I have no reason to go out since I have what to eat, else, one would rather die of hunger and not corona”.

Meanwhile, Toyosi Awojobi believes that politics is not a business or fame while Leadership is service to humanity and also the ability to impact on others.

In her statement, “We actually voted for them because we believed in them, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and there shouldn’t be segregation or segmentation in treating victims of this virus in Nigeria” so everyone should be given an equal chance, treatment to curb this pathetic, piteous and pathetic dismay.

Abiodun Oyekanmi, A 300L Pol. Science of UI says he was particularly surprised at the mode of transmission of the virus that he finds it too hard and he urges Nigerian Leaders to rise up, giving their all possible best to eradicate the bane slayer called Corona.

He added “Prevention is better than cure is what people say. In essence, our leaders should rise up to their responsibilities and deliver on the dividends of democracy as there is urgent attention required in our health sector (like many other sectors) and this needs to be properly addressed as a matter of urgency.

Therefore, COVID’19 is an unwanted killer that needs a United force before we can taste victory, so we urge students, parents, teachers, leaders and all peacemakers of our society to unite and love one another as we fight against the spread of Coronavirus.

In addition, we must all adhere strictly to laid down instructions and precautionary measures by Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and other medical practitioners to be on a safer side. All hands must be on deck to fight against Coronavirus.

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