Corps Member Develops Automatic Payroll System

A member of the National Youth Service Corps in the Federal Capital Territory, John Mfon, has developed an automatic payroll processing system called Middey.

According to him, the Middey payroll system was designed to make it extremely easy for businesses, non-governmental organisations, and Small and Medium Enterprises to effortlessly manage the monthly salary payment process.

Mfon explained that the fintech software is part of his long-term objective of providing a continuous stream of innovations to meet the diverse needs of the business community.

He said, “Looking at the current trends in the 21st century, Middey is coming to solve the problems of payment for both individuals and businesses.

“It is embedded with artificial intelligence to ensure that payment Is done seamlessly using advanced technology.”

Mfon also said that one of the major advantages of Middey, as an Africa-focused payment brand, was its ability to completely eliminate the need for organisations to process payroll on one system and then take the processed data to another platform to transfer salaries or send salary schedules to various banks or statutory agencies.

“We are looking at the way you can make payment via phone cameras. We are also looking at helping organisations manage their payroll system, at the appropriate time, without people having to manually do so. We are automated and very simple.

“No need to copy and paste account numbers. With Middey, you just scan and make payments in seconds. So, we are hoping that Middey will in the long-term be one of the biggest payment providers and the bedrock in Africa,” Mfon said.


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