Covenant Students Glad To Be Back On Campus

A returning CU student undergoing medical screening

After a long absence from school occasioned by the highly controversial coronavirus disease (COVID-19), relief and excitement continue to permeate the atmosphere as students of Covenant University, on Monday, September 27, 2020, began to return to the Campus.

The Federal Government, it will be recalled, had in March 2020 ordered the closure of all schools in Nigeria in a bid to curtail the spread of the global pandemic.

Before the commencement of students’ resumption in Covenant, the University, characteristic of her proactive measures at times like this, had made adequate preparations. These included the deployment of adequate medical screening, mist sprayer for decontamination, disinfectant chambers, face masks, sanitizers, and the printing and pasting of various educative literature and signages, and control guides in all buildings and environment of the University.

Because social distancing is one of the primary ways of preventing the spread of the coronavirus disease, Covenant had ensured that resumption of students was in batches to avoid overcrowding or rowdiness. Also, social distancing measures have been taken in all academic buildings in preparation for lectures and other academic activities.

Not surprisingly, students, parents and guardians had expressed satisfaction with the University’s attempts at ensuring safety for all. A final year student of Mechanical Engineering, who chose to identify himself only as Clinton Adolphus, explained that the process of protection for all students had been stressful but necessary. He also admitted that students had missed physical education in the last six months, even with the advent of online classes.

Iyimide Martins, a 400-level student of Industrial Chemistry, echoed Clinton’s statement. She stated that there should be no issue with observing the guidelines to social distancing.

A parent, Mr Joe Anisiofor, explained that the idea of resumption amid the pandemic was fearful. However, having been informed of and witnessing the University’s precautionary activities had allayed his fears. He suggested that parents should be stopped from visiting their wards in the meantime unless such parents were ready to observe the screening process.

Students, having satisfied the resumption protocol, were transported to their Halls of Residence in luxury buses made available by the school.

The Chief Medical Officer, Covenant, Dr Ademola Adebanjo, said it was the responsibility of the institution to ensure infection prevention and control for both staff members and students. He noted that to ensure a safe community, the University had taken adequate measures, which included the provision of sanitizing and hand-washing points in significant places on the Campus. There was also the provision of medical fumigations and decontamination all over the Campus.

Having put in place possible preventive measures, the University rests resolutely on its foundation of faith in God for continuous protection and safety of the entire University Community.

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