Covenant University Peers are Not in Nigeria – Vice-Chancellor

Vice-Chancellor, Covenant University, Professor AAA. Atayero has boasted that the University is not in the league of national or African universities but has its attention on the international field of play.

“We have a vision currently, we call it Vision 10: 2022, which is the vision to become one of the top ten universities, not in Nigeria or Africa but in the world by that lifeline of 2022.

“That is where we aspire to be. We do not put much attention on national rankings for now but our field of play. Our peers are not in Nigeria.”

Professor Atayero boasted while fielding questions in a recent interview. He disclosed that Covenant University emerged number one in the world in sub-competences as evidenced by Elsevier SciVal which is a research outlet that uses the SCOPUS to measure the publication profile of researchers.

On what the University was doing differently to deserve the ratings, Professor Atayero noted that the University was established on departure philosophy, which considered the way things are currently done and taking a turn of 180 degrees total reversal from it.

“We re-invent the curriculum, we add a face to the curriculum that nobody in the education landscape of Nigeria does. Things like the Total Man Concept, Entrepreneurial Development Studies (EDS), the idea of building a total man, spirit, soul and body,” he said.

The University, he said, is very close to attaining the vision, even much earlier than the said time. He stated that he had to correct the wrong impression recently that it was not an ambition, it was a Vision.

“An ambition can be inordinate, you can think too much of yourself, then you have an ambition that may not be realistic. But this is a vision and from the things we are seeing, we are very close. We are even thinking we may realise the vision before the said time.”

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