COVID-19: Uganda Announces New School Calendar

Ugandan Education Minister Janet Museveni

The Ministry of Education has announced a new education calendar for schools, tertiary institutions and universities.

In her address to the nation on Saturday night, Education Minister Janet Museveni also directed all universities and tertiary institutions to halt all online examinations until the country has existed the coronavirus catastrophe.

Mrs. Museveni noted she had received several complaints that some Universities are forcing students to pay for and do online Examinations during this period, “yet quite a number of our students do not have the required facilities and the money to do this.”

The revealed that the Ministry of Education has developed a robust plan including constituting a sector response task force to develop and coordinate the education sector preparedness and response measures to mitigate the impact of the outbreak of COVID-19 on Uganda’s education system.

This plan, she said, directly targets an estimated 15,000,000 children and youth in primary and secondary schools, universities and other tertiary institutions in Uganda, teachers, school administrators, parents and other key stakeholders.

She added that it also addresses the education needs for over 600,000 refugee learners in the 13 districts hosting refugees in the country.

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