CU Helped Me Build My Independence And Confidence – Fatima Dashe, CU Best Graduating Student With Perfect 5.00 CGPA

Fatima Dashe

Best graduating student in Accounting Department
Best graduating student in the College of Management and Social Sciences
Best graduating student in Covenant University.


I came to Covenant University scared, firstly because it was the first time I would be so far away from my family in Jos and because none of my friends from secondary school was coming there so I was alone. I was mostly shy, timid and preferred to be on my own.

During my first week at CU, I remember calling my Parents and crying over the phone that I wanted to come home. They encouraged me and at the time it just felt like they were making excuses but today I am glad they encouraged me. I decided to focus on my books and ignore everything else. I was lonely and scared but see how far I’d come.

At first, I had trouble making friends because I was mostly on my own and I would always exclude myself from others.

Somehow God knew that I wasn’t happy and throughout my Four years in CU I made the most amazing friends ever, most of them have become family and I’m so grateful that I was able to open up my heart to love and appreciate all of my friends.

Being in CU helped me to build my independence and confidence. The most important part of it was that I discovered my greatest asset which is the spirit of God in my life.

As I grew with God, I experienced so much grace and Favour. Even when my courses were difficult, even when I had to balance my school work and my ICAN journey, God made it possible for me to have a perfect CGPA and to be a chartered accountant in my 3rd year in school. Even when I felt overwhelmed or I had issues with my friends or roommates, God would always send peace to settle the situation.

Today I’m here and when I think about where I am today, I cannot even explain it because God’s grace was always made available to me with many sprinkles of peace. I am so grateful to God.

My family have been so wonderful and supportive. My Dad has been my biggest motivation, my mom has showered me with so much love and prayers. My brother has been the best role model ever and my amazing sister has been my best friend, my gist buddy and my confidant. I love them so dearly and I wouldn’t ask for anyone else.

I appreciate Covenant University, the chancellor and members of the board of regents, the VC and members of management, faculty and staff for all their efforts and contributions to my life.

My deepest appreciation goes to God, who made it possible for me to be able to see this wonderful moment of my life. God’s grace and Favour have held my hand throughout my life and I will forever give him praise.

To God be all the glory

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