Customers, Electorates Are Kings To Be Served – Prof. Worlu

Prof. Worlu

By Ayo Ajayi

Customers, irrespective of the nomenclature they assume, depending on the industry or sector of business opportunities are the kings and queens of the society who must be served.

This was the submission of Professor Rowland Worlu on Friday while delivering the 32nd Inaugural Lecture of Covenant University, Ota.

Speaking on the topic, “In Praise of Customers and the Electorate,” Worlu, a distinguished professor of Marketing and the current Dean of the College of Management and Social Sciences of the University asserted that customers are the fulcrum of marketing practice.

Stretching his argument further, Professor Worlu noted that in the political arena, customers who are the electorates constitute the engine room or the impetus of electoral politics.

The lecture, according to him offers the opportunity to recognize the enviable role of customers in marketing and that of the electorate in political marketing. “Such tribute is particularly worthwhile to prove that customers and the electorates are the pillars of every sane society. The customer is the anchor of the business world while the electorate constitutes the fulcrum of every electoral democracy,” he explained.

The lecturer explained further that there is now a cardinal rule around the world that like the customer, the electorate is always right. “That means the citizens/consumer (electorate) decides to alter the way political decisions are made so that it will be.”

He highlighted some of his achievements in the field of marketing, political marketing management, organizational behaviour and educational landscape, particularly in his over 20 years at Covenant University, even as he promised to liaise with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and Civil Organisations CSOs to increase advocacy for quality of life marketing.

“The citizen-consumer deserves a better life,” he said.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Abiodun Adebayo remarked that the lecture was a wake-up call to everyone, particularly the academia as regards the relationship with their customers (students). “How well you engage them will determine the outcome,” he added.

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