Despite Negative Feedback, I Bagged Doctor Of Business Administration At 68

Dr Alex Iloka

Alex Iloka Rajis, a 68 year old Architect and business strategist has celebrated the completion of his doctor of business administration despite advanced age.

He posted his story on his LinkedIn page to inspire those who may be doubtful of themselves.

He said, “I am delighted to announce that I have completed my doctor of business administration (DBA) study at the age of 68, and I now officially hold the distinguished title of DBA.

“I was inspired by my lived experiences to focus on a doctoral dissertation that explored strategies business leaders use to mitigate firm-level corrupt practices. After rigorously reviewing over 190 works of peer-reviewed literature related to firm-level corruption, I developed strategies that could help business leaders mitigate firm-level corrupt practices.

“The research was premised on the principal-agent theory (PAT) and integrative social contracts theory (ISCT) frameworks. PAT serves to eliminate goal conflict between the principal and the agent by avoiding information asymmetry, whereas ISCT is suitable for specifying the principles for socially responsible corporate conduct on the idea of a social contract model adapted explicitly to improve general ethical issues.
“Starting a doctoral study at the age of 64, six months later after my MBA, many people told me I couldn’t do it. They said, Alex, you’re way too old; your faculty isn’t as sharp as when you were a young adult. I often get asked during my study what I would do with a doctoral degree by the time I graduate at the age of 68. Despite all the pessimistic feedback, I pressed forward, trusting my ability and perseverance to succeed. I should mention that I took on the challenge of going back to school while contending with college-age children.

“I hope by sharing this story, someone doubtful of themself, could be inspired. Life progress can be likened to a locomotive; you only need to ignite it and set it in motion by shifting into gear. Stagnation is detrimental to human development; you can either affirm those stereotypical characterizations of your person or ignite your passion and rise above mediocre. I was asked what I consider success, and my response was that success is when you’ve reached a state of contentment; it’s the status of achieving one’s desired vision and planned goal.

“I can say, at last, I feel accomplished and fulfilled. I hope in some ways I have demonstrated to my children and some of you reading this post that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. We go to bed and wake at different times based on our respective circumstances. It’s never too late to get started. Life is analogous to a marathon; reaching the finish line is what matters. Falling by the wayside shouldn’t be an option, granted your legs can carry you to the finish line.

“I’m grateful to all who supported and believed in me.”  

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