Do You Know You Are Special? Be Yourself!

By Olugbade Tolulope

Still on the pace of achieving goals and becoming fulfilled, you need to be your real self. Successful people are not a duplicate of other people, they are the true definition of their own self. You don’t need to copy others, you don’t need to follow their pattern and styles, you don’t need to fake your life. It is not needed at all, let people know you for who you are, let them know your true character and personality. Let your yeah, be yeah, and your nay be nay.

Do you know you are special? It sounds unbelievable, right? Yeah, that is the bitter truth that no one will tell you except you say to yourself that you are unique and you can do it. The Almighty created us differently and specially, so you are one of a kind. You are special in your own way, you are a king in your kingdom. You have your own strengths, your own capabilities, and your own power to achieve your goals, succeed and do exploits, so why are you trying to blend in when you are meant to stand out. Think about it!

The world we live in is full of fake individuals, people pretend a lot. They fake their lifestyle and everything about them. Can you imagine people doing aesthetic surgery just to increase their physical appeal or to look exactly like someone else? People risk their lives to be like a particular celebrity when you yourself can become one. Have you thought about it one day? New things and new trends keep coming each day, don’t be carried away by the trends of this world. Instead, discover new things about yourself and work on them.

Do you know you are happy within yourself when you are yourself_ I mean when you are you? Yeah, you have peace of mind and you are satisfied. It might look as if people around you are oppressing you and you want to blow too_ that’s the trending word, right? You don’t need to be in a haste, when it is time for you to shine, you will definitely shine and surpass everyone around you. Just be yourself and wait for your time.

During that period of waiting for your time, develop yourself, work more on your life. Successful people don’t become successful in a day, they pay sacrifices for everything they do, they develop themselves, they discover new ideas and they don’t copy others.

“Simplicity is the key to brilliance.” Be yourself!

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