Doctors Threaten Strike Over Ph.D Demand On Clinical Lecturers

The ultimatum by the Medical and Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria (MDCAN), denouncing National Universities Commission’s (NUC) demand for resident doctors, who want to teach in the university to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), expires tomorrow, February 24. The NUC had issued a circular to that effect.

Since the NUC has not MADE any statement or withdrawn the circular, the National President of MDCAN, Prof. Kenneth Ozoilo has threatened strike action.

While addressing journalists in Jos, Ozoilo said: “If the NUC does not withdraw that ill-fated circular, we will go on strike, come February 24.”

MDCAN has threatened to withdraw services if NUC insists that doctors must have a Ph.D degree to teach.

They demand the withdrawal of the circular immediately to avert the strike.

Speaking at the Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH), weekend, Ozoilo said MDCAN would first withdraw services from teaching undergraduate medical students from February 24, 2020.

Then, it would be followed with withdrawal from teaching doctors undergoing postgraduate training, before finally withdrawing services entirely from the health sector, if ‘NUC fails to withdraw the letter.’

MDCAN describes the circular as “cosmetic and superficial.”

Source: The Guardian


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