Don Advocates Better Funding for Education

Adamu, Education Minister

The Director of the Centre for Agricultural Development and Sustainable Environment, Prof. Olukayode Akinyemi, has called on the Federal Government to allocate more funds to the education sector so as to enhance the learning environment and improve the quality of education in the country.

He made the call while taking delivery of a new set of equipment at the World Bank research outfit.

Akinyemi, who is a specialist in Applied Physics, noted that there was a connection between available resources and the quality of education from institutions of higher learning.

He urged African countries to do better than the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s recommendation of 25 per cent of the annual budget to the sector, stressing that education remained the bedrock of development.

Akinyemi maintained that the CEADESE’s strategic partnerships with relevant research institutions and development centres were yielding fruits, as both students and graduates of the centre had been involved in solving problems of cropping and livestock.

He said, “Funding is critical to education. Since the development of any nation is inherently tied to its educational standard, we must begin to pay better attention to our budget for education. There is no shortcut to societal advancement. You invest in the critical sector like education and in no time, development follows.

“The UNESCO standard should even be surpassed. Facilities should be provided for researchers at home and internationally to enable them to carry out development focused investigations. At CEADESE, our facilities are world class. Every equipment you see here is what you will find at similar centres in developed countries. And the quality of our training is reflected in our students, past and present. They are good ambassadors helping solve industry challenges.”

Source: Punch

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