Don’t Leave Nigeria, Uniosun VC Begs New Nurses

Vice Chancellor, Osun State University, Uniosun, Professor Clement Adebooye has begged newly inducted nurses of the school not to run away from the country.

Speaking at the 3rd induction/Oath taking ceremony of 40 newly registered nurses of the institution, he pleaded with the nurses to stay back and contribute to the development of the nation’s health sector.

While stressing the need for government at various levels to create an enabling environment for health workers to thrive in the country, he urged the new inductees to be part of the development process in the country.

“With your performances in this profession you can go anywhere in the world but I will prefer if you stay in Nigeria. I know you want to leave this country. Nigeria will be better.

“We have to build the spirit of patriotism in the nation. All we have to do is to replicate the conditions that exist over there in our own society otherwise, we will be losing them because the constitution does not prevent anybody from seeking opportunities anywhere the person wants all over the world.

“So the best we can do is to create that enabling environment within our nation such that people will remain here to work here. The problem we have is that we train these people year in, year out and immediately after their training, other countries grab them to service their healthcare industry. We are at the losing end so we have to create that condition here”.


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