Education Commissioner Urges Integration Of Digital Tools Into Curriculum To Reshape Learning

Prof. Adelaja Arigbabu, Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Ogun, has called on educators to use digital technologies to reshape learning.

Arigbabu, a former Vice-Chancellor of Tai Solarin University of Education, Ogun, made the call at the maiden edition of the Lagos State University of Education (LASUED) Distinguished Lecture Series.

The event was held on Tuesday in Lagos State.

The lecture had the theme: “Teachers’ Preparation For Nigerian Schools in the Contemporary World”.

Arigbabu said that with technology permeating every facet of society, educators would need training to effectively integrate digital tools into the curriculum to facilitate online and blended learning experiences.

“Additionally, as classrooms become increasingly diverse, teacher preparation must prioritise strategies for promoting inclusive education.

“Furthermore, teacher preparation programmes must address the demand for 21st-century skills beyond traditional academic content knowledge.

“Educators need to cultivate critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills among students through collaborative learning and project-based instruction,” Arigbabu said.

He added that investing in high-quality teacher education programmes was crucial for ensuring adequate equipment of educators to meet the complex challenges of the contemporary world.

“Our nation needs to stay up-to-date with the latest educational trends in the world.

“I believe in the dream for rebirth, reform and emergence of an education system that truly works.

“It is crucial for the government to prioritise and invest in teacher education to achieve significant strides in educational development.

“By placing a premium on teacher education, governments can lay a solid foundation for sustainable development and progress in the contemporary world,” Arigbabu said.

He said that specialised universities of education had become a necessity in today’s rapidly evolving world.

“These specialised institutions serve as hubs for the development of cutting-edge teaching methodologies and cultivation of highly-skilled educators.

“There may be a need to transform existing colleges of education into full-fledged universities of education to address gaps in teacher training and elevate the quality of education delivery,” Arigbabu said.

Prof. Bidemi Lafiaji-Okuneye, Vice-Chancellor of LASUED, said that the acute shortage of teachers remained a crucial challenge in Nigeria.

Lafiaji-Okuneye said that lack of job security, lack of career progression prospects and other challenges discouraged talented individuals from pursuing a career in teaching.

“It appears the challenges faced by teachers in Nigeria are diverse and complex, requiring a multi-faceted approach to effectively address.

“Adequate teacher preparation is essential for addressing the diverse needs of students, fostering inclusive classrooms and promoting educational excellence.

“By addressing these challenges, Nigeria can foster a more conducive environment for teaching and learning.

“It will lead to improved educational outcomes for students and a more prosperous future for our country,” she said.

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