Embattled NANS Chairman Makes Revelations Against Dapo Abiodun’s Aide, Issues Seven Days Ultimatum To Ogun State Government

(L)Adeyemi Azeez (R ) Adeyemi Samson

By Caleb ijioma

The Ogun state National Association of Nigerian Students chairman, Adeyemi Samson, has made several accusations against Adeyemi Azeez, the special adviser on Student matters to Ogun state Governor Dapo Abiodun. In a press release made available to EDUTORIAL, he accused the Governor’s aide of his abduction and also staging attacks on students of the gateway state.

Recall that on the 15th of July, Adeyemi Samson was allegedly abducted by cultists, beaten, and subsequently taken to Eleweran police station at Abeokuta.

Adeyemi who spoke on the alleged abduction said that it was staged by the Governor’s aide, Adeyemi Azeez

“Earlier on that fateful day, I had joined our leader, Hon  Adebiyi Adeleye, Special Adviser to the Governor on Political Matters on a ‘Walk for Special People’ after which I moved back to Ago Iwoye to welcome our student-loving Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, on his project inspection and continuation of his local government election campaigns”

“Just as we were registering our presence to the Governor, one of Adeyemi’s thugs/well-known cultists popularly called Wale Da-Gold, dragged me from behind to the midst of some suspected cultists where I was beaten to a pulp and as well humiliated. After the beating, I was whisked away and taken to Eleweran”

“Meanwhile, before we got to Eleweran, My belongings such as; iPhones, wristwatch, cash, shoe, clothes, ATM, Voters card, power bank, bag, and other documents were taken from me, before my car was also tolled to Eleweran”

“After attempts to intimidate me at the state police headquarters, they told me that they found a gun in my vehicle. This is an emphatic lie and it has no the substance of truth”

Samson went further to reveal how Adeyemi Azeez consulted him to help in the  impeachment plan of the previous NANS Ogun chairman and vice

“On the day of Governor Dapo Abiodun’s victory dinner, Adeyemi Azeez Amoo called me to a mosque in Ibara Housing Estate where he asked about my relationship with Lamide Lawal (the current Special Assistant to the Governor on Youths and Sports Affairs) and I told him our relationship is a normal one which gets stronger because his a former Student Union President of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic coupled with his kind of personality which I love”

“Adeyemi lamented seriously about Bamgbose Tomiwa and Ekundina Elvis and reasons why he wants me to impeach them to become the chairman. He alleged that Tommy Tee had disgraced him and is not ready to be loyal to him despite how he (Adeyemi Azeez) snatched the chairmanship from me to Tommy Tee. As at that time Tommy Tee and Elvis are Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively, while I was the General Secretary of NANS OGUN AXIS then. He told me to hold my eight senators and mobilize them to sign Tommy Tee’s impeachment petition which he will send to me”

“I  pleaded with him to allow me to consult my senators and get back to him, he accepted and later he discovered that I was not interested in the plot”

“After I failed to carry out his plot to impeach Tommy Tee, he called me to help him work for Versatile as Zone D Deputy Coordinator against Danfodio. In defiance, I supported Danfodio when I realized Adeyemi Azeez is not ready to unify the students’ structure and allow unity to reign after I pleaded that he should take us all as his own Team and comrades. I supported Danfodio and he emerged as the Deputy Coordinator of Zone D”

“Again when the national convention was getting near,  he didn’t call a stakeholders meeting to hear our opinion and choice of candidates for the national leadership, this led me and some comrades here in Ogun state to support Asefon as the National President. Asefon’s emergence meant the failure of Adeyemi’s anointed candidate at the election” he said

He also accused the Governor’s aide to have attacked different students of the state.

The Nan’s chairman however expressed his demands and  plans to stage a protest at the state capital if Adeyemi Azeez isn’t removed from office

“Since his office represent students in the cabinet of our students loving Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, I as the Chairman of NANS in the Gateway State hereby request for the immediate removal of that tyrant as Special Assistant on Student Matters, as he is not fit for such a role and can no longer represent us anymore in Ogun”

“We give a SEVEN DAY ultimatum for this to be done. If Adeyemi Azeez remains in office after the expiration of that seven-day ultimatum, we are going to storm the Governor office in thousands”

“Also we request an immediate release of our ALUTA Sienna Bus impounded at the police headquarters unjustly”

“We also request a continuation into the investigation of unraveling the authentic owners of the guns in question and a reopening of the case of arms found in buses in Abuja during the national convention. ‘The IGP and the Director of DSS are aware of this case as the vehicles were taken away by the security agents”

“A refund of belongings stolen from me by the suspected cult boys who kidnapped me from Ijebu to Abeokuta”

Ogun Gov Aide, Adeyemi Azeez reacts

Adeyemi Azeez denied having knowledge about revelations made by the Embattled Nan’s chairman. He said the information is baseless and are deliberately motivated for political reasons

“All these things are baseless information, deliberately motivated for political reasons. I don’t know anything about all these things” he said

He also accused Adeyemi Samson of impersonating the position of the Nans chairman

“He has been warned to desist from parading himself as the Nans chairman because he was never at any convention,” he said

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