Establish Science, Innovation Centres In Universities, Don Urges Govt

A Professor of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management, Yunus Dauda, has urged government at all levels to establish science and innovation centres in universities across the country.

Dauda, a lecturer in the Department of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management, Lagos State University (LASU), said this at the 83rd inaugural lecture of the institution on Tuesday in Lagos.

The theme of the lecture was: “Managing Technological Challenges: Workers’, Employers’ and Governments’  Perspectives “.

He said that provision of up-to-date science and technology centres to the universities would help to meet the challenges of the changing global digital economy.

“To benefit from global technology, the resources and policies of Nigerian government should be directed to improve technological innovation for improved organisational performance.

“A nation is in poverty when her human development index is low.

“This happens when life expectancy, health, education, income and participation in social life of the people are very low,” Dauda said.

 He said that technology was created by human being to do things for human being and that it could not completely dominate or destroy him.

“Man’s creativeness and ingenuity creates technology and therefore, it is human servant, not his master

“Many scientists have argued that technology will soon take over all jobs in industries and render human resource useless.

“My studies and findings over the years dismissed these arguments that

technology can not displace workers completely from their jobs.

“Workers will be required in industries and organisations at all times. Former British Steel Chief, Finniston, once said:technological development has not made the human resources irrelevant,” Dauda said.

 He said that in recent times, new technologies had reduced labour contribution and cost but increased organisation’s profit and competitiveness.

“Reduction of labour inputs weakened workers negotiating power and increased the problems of unemployment and poverty.

“Today’s global economy is technology-driven, which provides greater advantages to all nations of the world.

 “However, Nigeria has not been able to substantially explore, manufacture and use technologies to improve the wellbeing of most of her people,” Dauda said.

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