Factcheck: True! Pantami Earned More As A Professor In Saudi Arabia Than As A Serving Nigerian Minister

By Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim

A claim made by the Nigerian minister of communications and digital economy recently was circulated on social and other media platforms. He was quoted saying that his earning as a minister of the federal republic of Nigeria falls below his pay at the International University Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It could be recalled that on 3rd July 2020, several national newspapers reported that the honourable minister of communications, has said he earned more as a professor than a serving minister, Abuja Business Reports can report.

Minister Pantami stated this in a statement signed by his spokesperson, Uwa Suleiman while reacting to a false allegation by Sahara Reporters, that he (Pantami) purchased three houses after assuming office.

“It is worthy of note that as a serving Minister, Dr Pantami’s salaries and allowances fall below his earnings as a Professor at the International University Madinah Saudi Arabia, where he still holds the record of being the first Nigerian to lecture at that level. He only returned to Nigeria out of the zeal to contribute his quota to national development.” the statement reads.


That Dr. Isa Ali Pantami’s salaries and allowances fall below his earnings as a serving Nigerian minister than as a professor at International University Madinah, Saudi Arabia.


Edutorial checked the claim that Dr. Isa Ali Pantami earned more as a professor in Saudi Arabia than a serving Nigerian minister and confirmed that it is true.

Salary explorer revealed that the highest salary earned in Saudi Arabian university is 36,500 (SAR). This will cover housing, transport and et cetera.

“A person working as a Lecturer in Saudi Arabia typically earns around 23,100 SAR per month. Salaries range from 10,900 SAR (lowest) to 36,500 SAR (highest).” salary explorer showed.

“This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Lecturer salaries vary drastically based on experience, skills, gender, or location. Below you will find a detailed breakdown based on many different criteria.” salary explorer further added.

A professor is one of the highest ranks in a university, so should his salary be. The highest salary which 35, 600 (SAR), if multiplied by 12 is 438, 000 (SAR). So when converted to naira via google it is N45, 049, 491. 75.

Meanwhile, a Nigerian minister receive N2,026,400:00 annually as basic salary (N168,866:66 monthly).

According to a document made available by bureau for public service reform, a Nigerian minister earns N1,519,800:00 annually (N126,650:00 monthly) for motor vehicle fuelling and maintainance, N506,600:00 annually (N42,216:66 monthly) for personal assistant, N1,519,800:00 annually  (N126,650:00 monthly) for domestic staff, N911,880:00 annually (N75,990:00 monthly) for entertainment, N607,920:00 annually (N50,660:00 monthly) for utilities,    N405,280:00 annually (N33,773:33 monthly) for monitoring, N303,960:00 annually (25,330:00 monthly) for newspapers/periodicals bringing the total annual  and monthly earning to N7,801,640:00 and N650,136:65

Also, there are other allowances a minister get. These are N4, 052,800:00 annually as accommodation allowance, and  N202,640:00 annually for leave allowance.


It is true. The earning of a Nigerian minister (N12,057,080) annually is not even close to the earning of a university professor (N45, 049, 491. 75) in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

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