Fagbemi Commisions YabaTech Water Factory

The Chairman, Governing Council, Prince Lateef Fagbemi cutting the tape, being assisted by the Rector, Engr. Obafemi Omokungbe. Photo Credit: YabaTech

By Ayo Ajayi

The Yaba College of Technology (YabaTech) recently commissioned a Water Factory to provide hygienic and affordable water for the College community and its environment, as well as boost the College’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).

While commissioning the factory, the Chairman, Governing Council, Prince Lateef Fagbemi SAN, disclosed that the commissioning was one of his happiest moments; and that he believed in achievement without noise.

He praised the Rector, Engr. Obafemi Omokungbe for his resilience, and ability to undertake a thought-provoking project. He described him as a silent achiever who God has put in charge to pilot the administration of the College to a greater height.

He said, “No matter what type of dream you have if you don’t have the support of the governing council the dream will not come into reality, that is why I want to especially thank my colleagues for their understanding. It is because the Rector has the understanding of the Council, he has been very polite and civil, and always concerned about having the concrete things done. He is on the fast lane to see that YabaTech develops in all ramifications.

“We all know the importance of water, no man on earth will wake up in a day and say that he is not going to drink water if, at all he is not drinking, he will use it to bath. I am happy that the dream of this water factory has come to pass; therefore I want to congratulate everybody that contributed to the project. I want to recommend this water for everybody, also encourage us to advertise this water, because no matter how good your product is if you don’t advertise it nobody will do it for you. I want to advise that all the materials that will be needed for the production of the water should be sourced from within including the labelling so that the money is retained here, nothing should go outside.”

In his Opening remark, Omokungbe noted that he was happy because the establishment of a water factory in the name of YabaTech is another landmark achievement, and thanked God that the dream has become a reality.

He appreciated Fagbemi and other members of the governing council for their interest and support towards the completion of the project and revealed that the commissioning would not have been possible without their understanding and commitment.

According to him, “At the inception of this administration in March 2018, the water factory was one of the uncompleted projects that I inherited. The project particularly caught my attention; the reason being that water is a fundamental human need. Clean and safe water is required for healthy living and as a responsible institution; we are concerned with the well being of our staff and students. We want everybody to stay healthy, we want everybody to ensure that water in the College is safe for consumption and we want to produce water by our self since the source of water being sold by most vendors is unknown.

“The College revenue is very poor, and it has become quite challenging to meet up with the maintenance of the existing facilities and provision of infrastructure for the College. It, therefore, becomes necessary for the College to urgently improve its internally generated revenue to be able to meet its obligations since the fund from government has become inadequate. It was on this basis that the YabaTech Consult was mandated to ensure completion of this project within the shortest possible time.

“I am pleased to inform you today, that the YabaTech Water Factory is a reality. The water factory is well equipped with the latest technology, machine and equipment. YabaTech water has been approved by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administrative and Control (NAFDAC), having met the required standard. It is worthy to note that the trademark for YabaTech Consult Water has also been approved.”

Omokungbe hinted that as from next week there would not be any other water on the campus except YabaTech water, and in months to come YabaTech Bread Factory would also be commissioned. He, therefore, thanked the Director, YabaTech Consult, Mr. Iyang Udoh who has worked tirelessly with his team for the realization of the project.

Earlier on during his Welcome Address, Mr. Udoh revealed that the water is named YABATECH PREMIUM TABLE WATER with the state-of-the-art equipment including reverse osmosis, ozonator and superior micron filters for both the bottled and sachets water, the bottle for the water are blown (produced) here and there is equipment for production of 66 big iced blocks per day with a cold room for storage, and when the factory begins full operation, it will produce about 31,000 sachets water (50cl) and 10,000 bottled water 75cl and or 50cl) per day.

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