FG should Compel Children of Public Officials to Study in Nigeria, says Miss Nigeria

For the Nigerian educational sector to receive a major boost from policy makers, the 40th Miss Nigeria, Chioma Obiadi, has advised the Federal Government to compel public office holders to ensure their children attend schools in Nigeria.

Ms. Obiadi told the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos when she led the Miss Nigeria Organisation on a visit that such a policy would reduce the decadence in the nation’s educational sector.

She said that when children of public and political office holders attend schools in the country, they would be able to feed their parents back on whether such schools were experiencing a deficit in teaching and learning infrastructure or adequately equipped with modern teaching aids.

The beauty queen advised that the federal government should formulate a policy that would ban government officials from sending their children abroad for study.

“If this law is enacted, it will have a profound effect in terms of development in our educational sector.

“Top government officials send their children abroad to get educated because those schools are well equipped and parade high standard of education.

“If such Nigerians send their children abroad, then they will be less concerned about whatever is going on in the educational sector in the country since they are not directly affected.

“However, if their children attend Nigerian schools, they will be concerned with the standard of education and make efforts to improve it,” she said.

The reigning queen said that she was concerned with the need to have improved teaching and learning infrastructure in schools across the country.

She said that the meteorological station of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra, where she is a student at present was suffering from a deficit in infrastructure.

“I am a 300-level student of the Department of Geography and Meteorology at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University and the meteorology station in my school is not functioning.

“This is depriving us, the students, the opportunity to receive better knowledge of how meteorology can be deployed in interpreting and understanding weather conditions.

“If a child of a minister or a highly placed government official were in the same department with me, probably, efforts will be made to ensure that this facility functions,” she said.

The beauty queen canvassed an improved quality of education for both the children of the rich and the poor because education is important in the development of any nation and its people.

Source: NAN





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