For a Better Educational System

Adamu, Education Minister

Deborah Mustapha

The National Policy on Education (1998) states that the Federal Government adopted education as an instrument for effecting national development. This was the factor behind the establishment of schools in recent times. The idea is aimed at bringing education to the doorsteps of the populace.

However, the proliferation of schools in our educational system has caused educational imbalance. Generally, education is the most important instrument of change. Any fundamental change in the social and intellectual outlook of society has to be preceded by education.

Educational backwardness in this country has been attributed to the lack of concern by the government for the needs of the teaching profession.

Poor attention to teachers has resulted in them going on strike to register their dissatisfaction. This ugly situation has caused a slide in the standard of education.

Also, our educational system is still plagued with serious problems of infrastructure. The inadequacy of infrastructure constitutes a source of frustration and disillusionment among teachers.

Some students cannot afford to go to school due to the distance from their residence.

This can cause a drop in academic performance. Therefore, the education board should make attempts to provide bus transport.

The need for books to support teaching and learning is of paramount importance.

Institutions require a minimum number of students.

In summary, it is clear that numerous problems are affecting our educational system. The system has not only failed to ensure mass participation but also encouraged discrimination in manpower distribution and infrastructure.

Source: Tribune



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