Foundation To Tackle Education, Health Of Nigeria’s Less-Privileged Kids

The Splendour Child Empowerment Foundation announced on Sunday that the group would take up issues relating to the health and education needs of less-privileged kids in the country.

The founder of the foundation, Splendour Joe-King, made the announcement at the NAN Forum in Abuja on Sunday. 

Ms Joe-King, who is also a child’s rights activist, said that for any society to achieve its developmental goals, it must take care of the education and health needs of the populace, especially children.

She said though her foundation looks into other areas of a child’s development, she’s focused on the education and health of children between the ages of zero to 18 years, because of their importance. 

Citing the late Nelson Mandela, she said education was the most powerful weapon to change the world, noting that “If children are educated,” they will ensure that their country also becomes great.

In conclusion, the child rights activist lamented that society had become so engrossed in negative trends that serious campaign issues hardly get online acceptance.


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