Freedom, Justice and Equity: The Children’s Intervention in Renewal of the Nation

By Sulaiman Adamu

The best road to development in a Nation is freedom’s road; the freedom to live one’s life, to do what one wants and to live where one desires to. This means freedom can apply to different aspects of life. Justice is something that we all want, it is the quality of being just and fair, the act of determining rights and being equal to all. Being equal to all in the sense that everyone’s freedom is overlooked with justice.

The free society is a society of equal rights and justice, and any threat to equity calls for inequality and any rising of inequality threatens our generation and the future generations of our dear Nation. A threat to today’s generation is a threat to future generations. And a threat to both generations calls to insufficient development of a Nation.

The societies we have today are not just, this is evident of the current situations of our Nation, whereby the poor or rankles may be proven to be wrong and the rich or highly ranked may be proven to be right in a court or a police station. Any society that does not just have no concrete freedom for the people. It is the freedom to live one’s life that guarantees one’s right, but unfortunately, the face our Nation has found itself is worse unfavourable, the poor masses are being denied their right speak of the truth or to influence government decisions; but when they do so, they may be made to suffer for their words or maybe killed.

When the societies are not just and not free to the people, it is impossible for them to be treated equally, this can be seen and heard of in our courts, police stations and our universities whereby the rich and ranked are favoured for their crimes while the poor are being punished for their crimes and students with lower JAMB score may be given admission as a result of having connections while those with higher JAMB score may be denied admission as a result not having any connection. Any society that wants to strive must embrace freedom, justice and equity.

In this undesirable system of bondage, injustice and inequality, the solution to Nigeria’s problems lies in each and everyone’s palms, as our current president’s saying “change begins with me”. Everyone must question himself on how just he is on how respective of others freedom he is, and on how equal everyone is to him. Everyone must also question himself on how tolerable he is for the betterment of our Nation and for the reflective preservation of the generation yet unborn.

As the young rising ones of the nation, it remains before us a tremendous effort to change the narrative of our Nation’s system; as children, we want a society that allows freedom for everyone, embracement for justice and equity for we to a new fruitful leaf of a Renewed Nation.

Sulaiman Adamu is an 18year old passionate, emerging writer, poet and an SSS3 Science student of Gombe High School, Gombe State

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