Give Your Children Opportunity To Express Treasure Loaded in Them – Oyedepo

Chancellor, Covenant University, Dr. David Oyedepo delivering his address at the 14th Convocation Ceremony of the University. Photo: Emmanuel Oyedele

By Ayo Ajayi

Parents and guardian of the graduating students of Covenant University have been told to allow their children and wards express the treasures loaded in them at the institution.

The Chancellor of the University, Dr. David Oyedepo gave the charge today while addressing the congregation at the 14th Convocation Ceremony tagged, “The Release of Eagles 2019”

In his address titled, What Is Unique About Covenant University, Dr. Oyedepo said, “My plea is that you allow them to live the Covenant University dream, allow them to venture, allow them to pursue their vision in life, allow them to exercise themselves in their chosen field, as long as it is not criminal or socially unacceptable.

“You sent your children and wards to us as ‘raw materials’ for processing, we are glad to return them back to you today, as finished products. Congratulations!

“May none of you place your adult sons and daughters on your laps with feeding bottles in your hand for life. Your children and wards have been loaded with the facts of living; give them a chance to live!”

Dr. Oyedepo advised the Class of 2019, called, ‘The Peculiar Set’, to take advantage of abundant opportunities in the world.

“We live in a world of unlimited opportunity, as one foreigner once said, ‘Nigeria is so rich that one can literarily pick Naira on the road, but Nigerians are so blind that they cannot see;’ you will see.

“We do not expect any graduate of Covenant University to be on the job market, NO! Not for a day!

“I charge you all to start thinking strategically, productively and futuristically and there shall be no limits on your rise and impact in the adventure of life.”

He congratulated the members of the Board of Regents, Management, eminent Faculty and Staff of Covenant University for their profound contributions, both to the lives and careers of the graduating class. He prayed that their labour would be openly rewarded.

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