How Ezeani made 9A1s, TOEFL, SAT, 297 in UTME, got 4 Scholarships Abroad

Master Chimemezie Ezeani

Master Chimemezie Clinton Ezeani, 16, popularly called Professor, made 9 A1s in WASSCE, scored 1380 in SAT, 105 in TOEFL and 297 in UTME examinations.

The academic feat which announced him globally, spurred Ivy League institutions such as Harvard University, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago; Florida Institute of Technology, Florida; Columbia College, Ohio; and Union College, New York, to beg him to accept studying in their institutions. He said he has eventually settled for Illinois Institute of Technology due to their outstanding academic records, good alumni, facilities and their high scholarship offer.

Born to a Christian family of six boys, Ezeani who disclosed the secret of his success said no special coaching teacher was employed for him, but that he developed a principle of success and carried out online research.

Academic performance

He said “When I entered secondary school, I thought it would be like the primary school, where there would be no need for hard work. But when I got to Faith Academy, I found out that it wasn’t easy. I saw real brains, people tougher than those I met before.

“So, to achieve my dream, I propounded a principle which I named PDF (Prayer, Determination and Focus). At that point, I decided to become closer to God, pray more, read my Bible daily which kept me on track. For determination, I made up my mind to do every assignment, read ahead of the class, finish assignments, submit early and set my priorities straight. I did assignments on time, I did not mix things so that none would be incomplete. I followed it till my final year and it showed in my WAEC.”

Asked to recall his academic performance before PDF principle of success, he said though he had been a very good student since primary school, but when he entered Faith Academy, his JSS 1 and 2 results were not that good. “I had a relaxed attitude due to my exploits in primary school, so it was in JSS 3 that I formulated the PDF principle for myself and that same year, I had the best result in junior WAEC.

“In the senior school, the school arranged us into technical class, science arts and commercial before we moved. In the technical class, they placed all the best students from JSS1 to 3 that had proven themselves into one class and the rest into science and other classes. The technical class was the hottest class, so, when I entered, I had to be serious. I carried over the PDF from junior school into senior school as I realized it was the same.

“I continued to pray, didn’t give up because many people were dropping out of the technical class but I continued. When I had difficulties with some subjects and came third in SSI, my dad encouraged me to continue. However, in SS2, I started getting results. I moved up in SS2 and finally in SS3, I had the best WASSCE.”

Asked how he hopes to have a perfect CGPA in the university, Ezeani who wished to study Mechatronics Engineering said he will carry his PDF principle to the campus, adding, that he doesn’t want to have any distractions but focus on his work. “There will be no time for parties and other social vices. I’ll go for the school work and come back with a wonderful result.”

He explained that Mechatronics is a new engineering programme that combines mechanical and electronics engineering. On his social life, he said he relates well with people and had a lot of friends in school. “Having good results is not about cutting yourself from people, it’s about setting priority. For me, school work comes first after which I am free to socialize, go out with people. I participate in football, basketball, volleyball and athletics,” he said.

Ezeani who noted that his success story will be incomplete without mentioning the role his mother played, said “though my mother has first and second degrees, she never worked with them because of her decision to stay with the six children, pray and bring them up academically and spiritually.

“Due to her commitment, my eldest brother is in his final year in Rashford University in Ghana. The boy next to him is studying Management Information Technology, in Achesi University in Ghana. My third brother is at the University of Ghana, Legon, studying International Relations, while the fifth boy is in SS2 at the Faith Academy and the last born is also in Faith Academy where I graduated from. My father is so committed to the family.”

Source: Vanguard


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