How Fatimoh Sheu Emerged Rotaract President At Usmanu Danfodiyo Varsity

Fatimoh Sheu

By Yusuf Abdulbasit Hozaifah

Sheu Fatimoh Bolanle joined Rotaract Club in her first year on campus at Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto (UDUS). On her first day at the club’s meeting, members’ dressing mesmerized her because she did not know anything about the club’s modus-operandi. She made friends out of curiosity; got to know more about Rotaract and fell in love with the club.

Fatimoh became a bench-warmer as she only attended meetings without participating in any club activities or holding any leadership positions. On a fateful day, Rotaract organized ‘Dress to Kill Fellowship’ where she actually dressed to kill and shined at the gathering.

She was very happy when she heard about the fellowship and took it as an opportunity to speak in the club like other members. She appeared at the fellowship in her best dress and sat down as a bench warmer as usual.

“I attended the fellowship as a benchwarmer as usual, then a thought ran through my mind that I cannot dress like this and will not participate in the fellowship. I challenged myself that I must speak today,” Fatimah narrated.

The bench-warmer was patiently waiting for the time she would talk. Disciplinary committee was formed at the fellowship where Faitmoh fortunately made it up to the list.

“The members nominated were not in attendance that day, and then the club moved to postpone the nomination till the next fellowship. I spoke against the motion and opined that the committee should be formed in favour of those that are present. Bevy members welcomed my idea and applauded me for the first time,” she expressed.

Fortunately for Fatimoh, the club’s staff adviser nominated her to be part of the committee, that was how the journey of being a bench warmer ended and set the track for full participation. In the long run, Fatimah was appointed as the chairman of the disciplinary committee.

I faced several challenges as a bench-warmer — Fatimoh

Being a bench warmer was a tough moment for Fatimoh. “I faced several challenges as a bench warmer; sometimes felt excluded from the group and struggled to understand the club’s operations,” she recounted.

However, she did not give up her dream of entanglement, she persistently attended the club’s meetings and observed necessary activities. She often sought advice from senior colleagues on how to improve her knowledge and develop potential skills.

She said that “I endeavour to attend several training sessions and workshops organized by the club and volunteer for various community service projects so as to enhance my capability. I also engaged in some tasks within the club to gain experience and show my commitment to Rotaract.”

Fatimoh as The Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee

The task of being the chairman of the disciplinary committee was not easy for Fatimoh because it was her first ever leadership post in Rotaract. She said that “It was my first duty as a Rotaractor, I tried to perform my role diligently, so as not to disappoint myself. I always ensure the house is in order, no offence to the house must go unpunished.”

She works relentlessly to always make the club’s meetings disciplined. She often sought for staff adviser’s advice in order to be acquainted with how to carry out her disciplinary role. It was a journey full of experience for Fatimoh.

From Chairman to Vice President

In her 200 level when the tenure of the then president expired, Fatimoh was advised to contest for the office of the president due to her hard work and dedication.

“I rejected the advice because there are many things I still don’t know about the club. Notwithstanding, I contested for the vice president and I won the election,” she said boastfully.

She asserted that “Being the vice president made me learn a lot on how to lead a big setting like Rotaract Club.”

Then, Fatimoh Becomes Rotaract President

At the expiration of Fatimoh’s tenure as the vice president of Rotaract, she summoned the courage to contest for the post of president.

Surprisingly, she became an unopposed president of the club. Nevertheless, she went through several interviews and presented her manifesto for the aspiring office.

On the 24th of June, 2023 Sheu Fatimoh Bolanle, who is now a 300-level student of the English Language was installed as the 36th president of Rotaract Club, Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto chapter.

While speaking with this reporter, Fatimoh expressed her excitement over the achievement and promised to serve the club diligently.

The Reporter: Yusuf Abdulbasit Hozaifah is a 300-level student of Plant Science at Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto (UDUS). He can be reached via email:

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