How To Deal With Procrastination

By Olugbade Tolulope

One of the steps to achieving goals and being fulfilled is overcoming certain enemies and obstacles. On your way to success, you will definitely meet enemies and adversaries. The most common and operative enemy that has been affecting many individuals on their path to success is the enemy of  PROCRASTINATION. This enemy has really made a lot of people remain on the same spot, not moving forward, not moving backward.

Unless you overcome this enemy, you can’t move forward. You can’t achieve anything if you procrastinate. When you delay or postpone an activity you are supposed to do at a particular time, you procrastinate. A lot of people are really struggling with this enemy and that is why many are still stagnant.  In this article, we’ve compiled four major ways by which you can overcome procrastination and move forward.

Deal with your fear: Fear is the number one factor you need to deal with, especially fear of the unknown. When you realize you have thoughts like: “I don’t think I can do this or excellence is not for my type or I can’t pass.” Fear is knocking at your door and you need to deal with it. You need to eliminate every thought of fear from your head then start whatever you are supposed to do. You need to deal with your fear(s) diligently. Fear saps energy off you, never be in fear.

Recognize the initial of procrastination: Pay attention to your thoughts. When you realize you are about to procrastinate, don’t give in to the urge. Once, you give in to the urge then the enemy of procrastination has prevailed over you. Anything you are supposed to do, do it at that particular time.  When different thoughts start creeping into your mind like: “I will do it later or I don’t feel like doing it now”, these are thoughts of procrastination. Don’t allow those thoughts to reign in you.  Instead, force yourself to do it and you will realize it’s easier to complete once you get started.

Eliminate distractions: Distractions will definitely be around you but you must not allow them to control you. Whenever you want to work on any task, make sure you eliminate all forms of distractions and stay committed to that particular task. It’s hard to get any work done when you keep turning all your attention to what is on the television, music, or social networking sites. Assign yourself a period of time in which you turn off all forms of distractions and use that time to focus all of your attention on the task at hand.

REWARD YOURSELF: It might sound funny but there is a particular saying that says, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Once you have completed a task, it is important to reward yourself for your efforts. Give yourself the opportunity to indulge in something that you find fun. It might be playing a video game, watching your favorite TV show, or attending a sporting event. It should be just for a short time so that it won’t get into your head. Don’t dwell on rewarding yourself too much, you know you are just starting.

These are the four major ways by which you can overcome the enemy of procrastination. Devote your time to these ways and practice them. By doing so, you will achieve your goals, move forward, and be fulfilled.

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