I Am Because You Are

By: Ibrahim Saleh mainah

In what is apparently clear, we are weak in dissemination, until we replicate the essence of togetherness as a bundle of broom no one is a hero and capable of standing alone. As the great Henry Ford put it, “coming together is beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is a success.”

Togetherness as a single term refers to a very significant aspect of life as it has occurred to the world recently, what count in the face of a pandemic is our unity. It is when people come together under a single entity, give support and protection to one another, that they began to feel a sense of belonging, that no matter what and how small; they began to understand that love and care for each other are imperative for a fruitful victory.

It is without a doubt that covid-19 pandemic has triggered an inevitable shift in activities of the world. Not only that it has also posed numerous perils in the minds of the populace, subjecting them to inevitable trouble with the sad reality that every day unfolds consequently of the pandemic.

According to a Japanese proverb, “A single Arrow can be broken but not ten in a bundle.” This implies that being together is the only key to conquer any kind of problem. For us to survive and strive, and fight challenges such as the covid-19 pandemic, we must muster to the world that we are stronger and bigger than our differences, and that, we can make fruitful use of those walls that make us multifaced and enrich the supreme essence of what makes us distinct and rational beings.

Humans in a collective entity, rely on connection, communication and love. One cannot live without another. Taking a fair into the essence of our Creation, we are never meant to foreshadow under a single entity, rather we are all descendants of a single-family. We are friends and families, we are connected to each other. We stand strong and fight one’s good and bad times together.

Thus we should realize that there are countless benefits of staying in unity. We can accomplish any task, we rely on others in times of need and nurture youth power in a better way safety and security can be assured by unity. One must work towards having full unity in his nation and world at large.

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