I Wrote My Book To Motivate People To Embrace Courage – Oluwabukunmi

Oluwabukunmi Olaleye is a 400 level Law student of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko. She recently released her first book titled ‘Embracing Courage: Eighteen Fears I Conquered as a Teen’

In an exclusive interview with Edutorial Writer, Deborah Omoare, Oluwabukunmi, the founder of Smartic Studios who is passionate about writing and creating appealing visual contents, revealed the reasons for writing the book and the challenges she faced.


What inspired you to write this book?

I had been tortured by fear for a very long time as a teen. Fear of failure, people’s opinion, public attention, and a lot of other fears. I couldn’t achieve anything significant throughout these periods until I was able to confront fear. I was amazed at the tremendous speed at which my life changed.

So I was worried about other teens like me that are subjected to similar fears all over the world. They are unaware that they have the power not to let fear dictate their decisions or rule their lives. So they become slaves to their fears.

Hence, I wrote this book to share my personal experience with fear, the lies that fear painted as truth to me, and to encourage people to begin to embrace courage.

Oluwabukunmi Olaleye

The book is directed to which audience?

The book is targeted at teens all over the world. However, it is not exclusively for teens. I believe everyone is being confronted by fear, regardless of age. It is a book that anyone will find useful in fighting fear.

What were the challenges you faced when writing the book?

My major challenge was finding the courage to share my personal experiences. I discussed my personal experiences concerning the issues people do not talk about. Nearly everyone doesn’t want to accept the fact that they are fearful because it sounds like a weakness.

The title of your book is Embracing Courage: Eighteen Fears I Conquered as a Teen, what is your definition of fear?

Fear is a lie that the devil makes to appear real and true to us. When we believe them, it begins to take root in our heart and mind and begin to control our decisions.

What made you as a law student dive into writing?

Writing is a hobby that I enjoy doing, and coupled with the fact that I see it as an opportunity to make my voice audible all around the world.

You are the founder of Smartic Studios, what is the studio all about?

Smartic Studios is a brand name for my creative works. I am a writer, graphic designer, spoken words artist, and I am also into filmmaking. So I created Smart studios as a brand to cover all my productions.

What is your advice to teenagers who are already giving up on their dreams because of fear?

I believe that you can’t give up on your dream, you can only retreat from fighting for your dream because your dream is mainly who you are, it is what defines your existence on earth. Your dream is that passion that God has deposited in you, so you can’t give up on it.

If you retreat from fighting for your dream just because of fear, the truth is that everything inside of you will keep yearning and desire to pursue your dream and even the pain and the torture you experience from desiring for something is worse than the pain that fear brings. So you should go for what you want. Another bitter truth is that the voice of fear will always be present but there is always an opportunity to embrace courage.

My advice to teenagers is that go ahead and fight for your dream, embrace courage, go for what you want because what the fear is known for is to give you reasonable but not valid reasons to stop fighting for your dream, regardless of that, you have the power within you to embrace courage. Don’t listen to the voice of fear.

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