In Commemoration of The Nigerian Pen Wielder: Albert Chinua Achebe 1930-2013

Chinua Achebe

By: Roland Bayode

Writing has been known as one of the promising standards to right the wrongs in our society. Splendid penning is hard to find as the act of inscribing is now annihilating, only writers can tell the untold quandary behind the scene of writing.

Achebe is not just a writer who has demonstrated his skill, talent and intellectual wealth by engraving contemporary literature in both artistic and imperial precepts, his standard and style are more distinguished in writing history as he had structurally dominated novelist realm with his world-class editions.

Achebe’s jaunts in dissertations were lauded for his unsentimental characterization in acquainting squabble on cultural imperialism. He painted our green-white-green pennant in cultural magnificence, traditional and conventional techniques, which gave rise to the metamorphosis of creative writings in generations to come.

His works have epitomized classical compositions that have been adapted into movies. He has won several awards with his straightforward phraseology and simple progressional structures in wordings. His ingenious expression has formulated significance in chronological untold tales in African history.

Without any form of sentiment or objection, this pen master has proven himself artistically both in art,  values and accomplishments to be called ‘A man of hope and impediments’ who have glinted both  ‘Home and Exile’. He unravelled to us a prophecy that ‘There was a Country’ where ‘Things Fall Apart’ a long time ago, and some of us can attest to the fact that his conception, purpose and pursuit to put into places the fractions that fell apart in our political, educational, economic and security sector is worth complimenting. His ideology is to use his pen to mould the world, but just as we often say, good sticks don’t last in the fire. ‘The Arrow of God’ hits like a flash and Achebe left us a few years ago to meet his progenitors.

His death left a raw concussion on us; our cries, pleas and supplications could not bring the legendary back on his feet. Pen-pushers were sick and down, but no one dares challenge God about his actions, ‘The man of the people’ is gone truly, but he lives on and his works speak forever…

As far as Nigeria is concerned, you are our own Stephen King and J.K Rowling. We are happy to have a one of a kind legend like you at our province. Your grandmaster pieces will ever remain in memories. Thanks for rekindling our passion for the pen. Your feats remain the principal provocation, inspiration and challenge to us all. Even at your cessation, you still maintain the father of African literacy.

Dwell on whiz.

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