Integrate Modern Methods In Syllabus, NAPE Tells Geosciences Lecturers

The Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists has advised lecturers training Geosciences students to integrate modern teaching methods into their syllabuses.

The group stated this during a zoom meeting on its University Assistance Programme, titled ‘Bridging the Industry-Academia Gap: Consolidating the Gains of the Past and Projecting into the future.’

President of NAPE, Dr James Edet, said there was the need to bridge the gap between the old and new generations of the workforce in the areas of grounded knowledge, Artificial Intelligence, and innovations, saying this would help avoid knowledge loss and stimulate energy growth.

He said, “Digitisation should be integrated into the university curriculum especially for teaching and learning of Geoscience, as it is now the trend in the industry (Software, Hardware, Internet connectivity, Cloud infrastructure etc.).

“There should be a sustained collaborative effort between university and industry to draft a course content on renewable energy for universities. There is the need for academia to align their Research and Development activities to suit industry needs. NAPE encourages Nigerian Oil Companies and other IOCs to offer more internship and sabbatical opportunities for Nigerian Geoscience students and lecturers, respectively, to enhance knowledge transfer.

“The creation of Centres of Excellence in various geopolitical zones in the country is necessary.”

Edet stated that the universities should work closely with the industry in a mutual and symbiotic manner, where values are created on both sides.


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