Japa: Provost Tells Physiotherapists Not To Relocate

Provost, College of Medicine University of Lagos Teaching Hospital,  Idi-Araba, Prof. David Oke,  has appealed to the newly inducted 32 physiotherapy graduates not to relocate abroad but to stay in Nigeria and practice.

Speaking at the Physiotherapy Induction and Awards where only two of the graduates made a distinction, Oke told them that although the journey had been challenging, he, thereby, encouraged them to face the future, dream big, act with courage, and dare to change the world.

“I, therefore, plead that you should remain to build our dear country Nigeria and endeavour to break the Japa syndrome that has adversely created a brain drain. I enjoin you to remember all you have been taught and be good Ambassadors of the College, Nigeria is a tough country and your resolve will be sorely tested. I am sure that your choice to study Physiotherapy has now been thoroughly justified. I assure you that you will not be alone as you will be working side by side with other people in different specialities which include orthopaedics, cardiopulmonary intervention, neurology, endocrinology, sports medicine, geriatrics, paediatrics, women’s health, and wound care. It will, therefore, be necessary to hit the ground running.”

Guest lecturer and Chairman, of CMUL Physiotherapy Alumni Association, Mr Tomi Ojetunde, in his speech, advised the inductees to be resourceful, create ideas, hunger and thirst for knowledge in their coming years of Internship; Youth Service, Master’s Program, Ph.D., Marriage, Business Angles, Politics, JAPA, etc.

“Criticise positively. Help to build and not destroy. Be bold enough to ask questions and err your mind, but don’t be stupid and rude. Be proud ambassadors of this citadel of learning and not make people query your source of upbringing by being rude to your lecturers and seniors on the platform.”

Cultivate a good lifestyle of being physically fit because the way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed.  Do these and many more. Above all, have fun because physiotherapy is fun,” he said.

The best-graduating student of the 2021/2022 academic session, Toluwani Orisajo, said, “Academic excellence is a thing of pride, the truth is, school isn’t a scam, it just that a lot of distractions are now in place for students and they feel that’s a priority. But the truth is whatever business you are venturing into be it business, music, anything, you can infuse your academic excellence and do well, who says you can’t catch two mice at a time?”


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